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Apple Airpods Review 2019: The Best Wireless Earbuds

The AirPods 2 with wireless charging box has become the latest fashion item. In fact, Apple emphasizes the second generation of the new AirPods, upgraded the chip and supports Bluetooth 5.0. This article is about reviews of apple airpods for running in terms of appearance, settings and use.


Part 1: Airpods 2 Appearance

Airpods Charging Box:

The AirPods charging box is small,sleek and simple, the metal hinges are very simple to open and close. They areas an exquisite cobblestone in your hand.

There is no extra port design in addition to the matching button on the back and the Lighting charging interface on the bottom. Weighing only 38 grams (without AirPods), it is especially convenient to carry in your pocket when you are out.

Open the charging box and you can see that AirPods is connected to the charging box by magnetic force.


The AirPods look the same as the earpods without a headphone cord. Perhaps earpods is designed to be perfect and AirPods hasn't changed much in shape.

Compared to earpods, AirPods has a larger handle (placement battery) and more sensor settings in detail.


It's hard to imagine AirPods integrating Apple W1 chips, optical sensors, motion acceleration sensors, microphones, batteries and more in such small buds.

Part 2: How to Connect Airpods in Settings

First connection:

Open the charging case with AirPods and place it next to the iPhone. An animation will appear on your iPhone screen at this time. Tap "Connect" and tap "Finish".


It is automatically set up to work with all apple device that is logged in with the same Apple ID. Unlike other Bluetooth headsets. You only need to select the connection in the AirPlay playback device and no need to set up Bluetooth.


The connection design:

Submit the pairing data, key, and power via the Bluetooth search (special frequency) around the iPhone and pop up the connection prompt on the iPhone screen. Once the connection is successful,the authorization is submitted to iCloud. In this way, only once pairing is required and AirPods can be easily used by all your apple devices.

Airpods connect to multiple devices:

AirPods automatically connect to your Apple devices. It can connect to your iPhone and iWatch at the same time,instantly switching between the two devices. Including MacBook and iPad, just select AirPods on these devices. When you use AirPods again, the device you last used is connected by default.

Airpods Button Control:

There are no physical keys on the AirPods surface, you can only control the device by tapping twice. After wearing any AirPod, quickly tap the back of the AirPod to answer or hang up the phone.


Adjust the functionality of AirPods:

Open the AirPods charging box and go to Phone Settings > Bluetooth on your iOS device. Tap the information button next to AirPods in the device list.

Pair with Android devices:

For Apple devices with different Apple IDs, open the charging box and when it is close, AirPods will have a corresponding pop-up prompt.

For Android and even PC devices, put AirPods in the charging box and open the lid. Press and hold the Setup button on the back of the charging case until you see the status light flashing white.Then operate the connection on the device.

According to the measurement, AirPods can be switched directly between Apple devices, PCs and Android without re-pairing or disconnecting.

Reset AirPods:

If you are unable to set up AirPods or need to change users, you can reset AirPods. To do this, place the AirPods in the charging case and press and hold the setting button on the back for at least 15 seconds until the status light begins to flash a few times and changes from amber to white.


Part 3: Howto Use Airpods

AirPods are equipped with custom Apple W1 chips that use optical sensors and motion acceleration sensors to detect if you have put them in your ear. Whether you use both ears at the same time or just wear one of them, the W1 chip transmits audio automatically and activates the microphone.

You can even share AirPods with other people. Once you have a bud connection, leave one AirPods and the charging box to another person to connect and use.

AirPods Accessories:

Perhaps a wireless and split design,AirPods gives a feeling of being easily lost.

At this time, you can refer to some of the airpods accessories we provided before, they can help you better use airpods. When you go out, you will be worried that the smooth and small airpods case will be scratched and if this happens it will not be repaired.


Airpods case cover has a variety of new and cute appearance that help protect your airpods from the sharpest items while helping to make your airpods look more personal.

AirPods Status Indicator:

The status indicator of the charging box is located between the two AirPods vacancies.

Green indicates that it is fully charged and amber indicates that the remaining battery is not enough for AirPods. If the light is blinking white, it means that AirPods can be set up from a device. If the light is blinking amber, you may need to reset AirPods.


When using the iPhone, open the charging case cover with AirPods and bring the charging case closer to the device. Wait a few seconds to see the power status of the AirPods and the charging box.


You can also check the charging status of AirPods and the charging box via the Battery widget on your iOS device.

The charge box power will only be displayed if there is at least one bud in the charging case.

Airpods vs earpods sound quality:

AirPods supports AAC audio, which is slightly enhanced with EarPods only for bass and mid-range vocals. Based on this positioning, AirPods is not suitable for users who have high requirements for sound quality. However, AirPods performs better when you are on the phone or talking to Siri and the dual microphone with beamforming technology filters the background noise so your voice is clearly heard.

If your AirPods are lost?

AirPods, it is recommended to use "Find My iPhone" to locate AirPods, provided AirPods is not exhausted.


Blue dots indicate that you are using this device to find lost AirPods.

A green dot indicates that your AirPods is connected. This means you can play sounds or view routes to find them.

Gray dots indicate that AirPods is not connected or out of range. You may see the last known position.


1. Wireless, easy to use.

2. Usage time is satisfactory. The charging box not only brings a great advantage to the battery life, but also facilitates storage. It is not easy to lose AirPods.

3. Convenient connection and user-friendly Bluetooth connection design.

4. Comfortable to wear and not easy to fall.


1. The volume cannot be adjusted. In the gesture operation, there is no operation to adjust the volume by sliding. I believe that the next generation of airpods may have this feature.

2. There is no noise reduction on the sound quality, but noise reduction has not been Apple product advantages.

If you expect a best wireless earbud for iPhone, AirPods is the best Bluetooth headset available today. You no longer have to be tied to the headphone cable and you can seamlessly switch between all your Apple devices.

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The Best Cheap Drone to Buy 2019

For most consumers, the most important function of the drone must be assisted photography. If you want to buy a drone to assist photography or recreation,what should we pay attention to? We have the most complete buying guide about the best cheap drone for photography.


You Should Know Before Buying a Drone:

There are three types of remote-control drones

Mobile/tablet remote control:

At present, more and more drones can be operated by mobile phone or tablet. Compared to traditional remote controls, it has the advantage of being smaller, lighter and easier to use.

However, its shortcoming is that the unstable WIFI signal is connected and the long-distance flight will easy to disconnect signal. Moreover, its operation is difficult, but it is difficult to do precise movements.

Traditional drone remote controller:

The most regular drone is still controlled by a conventional remote controller. Compared to mobile phones, the remote control is more cumbersome and harder to get beginners. However, its signal is more stable than the mobile phone remote control and the remote-control distance is relatively long (the general remote-control range is 100 meters or more). The handheld remote control is difficult for beginners to grasp, but when you are familiar with it,you can do more precise and difficult flight movements.

Watches, voice control:

In recent years, many drone manufacturers have developed a variety of new remote-control tools, but these new technologies are not mature enough and are not stable.

Drone Stability Control:

Many new drones have automatic stability control. When it takes off, even if you do nothing, it will automatically hover at the same height and at the same position. So, even if you don't know how to operate, there is no operational difficulty. This is the best drones for beginners.

However, not all drone can be self-stabilizing. You must meet the following conditions when selecting a drone:

Self-stabilizing outdoors, the drone must have GPS and a barometer;

Self-stabilizing indoors, drones must have visual positioning and ultrasonic positioning.

First Person View:

When we buy a drone, besides paying attention to whether it has a first person view, we must also pay attention to:

Figure transmission distance: Calculated in the open area of the suburbs, the UAV, which is usually operated by mobile phone, has 50-100 meters. The drones operated by the traditional remote control have a transmission distance of about 100-300 meters. More high-end drones can even be as far as 500 meters.

Image Quality:

The clearer the image quality, the more clearly you can understand the dynamics of the flight. At present, the mainstream UAV image transmission quality is 360p, 480p and some advanced UAV scan have 720p HD image quality, it is must the best drone for photography.


The travel drone, the most important function is portable. But the drone is not the lighter the better.

The larger the wheelbase of the drone, the stronger the wind resistance and the better the stability, whether it is flight or photography, it is more secure.

Small drone:

The smaller the wheelbase, the easier it is to carry. But the wind resistance is relatively weak and the stability will be poor.

Flight duration:

If you want to use drone when traveling. You need to pay more attention to the problem of endurance. For larger drones, this means more than 250 grams and the estimated flight time Is about 20-25 minutes. Even the most expensive drones will not fly for more than 30 minutes.

Drone Buying Guide:

Drone beginner player:

XIRO Xplorer 4k: XIRO Xplorer Although the less clear picture and camera lens is its shortcoming. But it still attracts many beginners of drones with its cool appearance, very portable and detachable design. Maybe it's still not as good as Phantom 4, but the $570 pricing and portable design make it the most cost-effective for the beginner drone.


Large-scale Drone with Camera:

Inspire 1 Pro: It has the most powerful camera on the market. The $3600 price makes Inspire 1 Pro become the most expensive drone. If you want to be the most professional drone photographer, Inspire 1 Pro won't let you down.


Toy drones for beginners:

If you are buying a drone for your child, it is very important to choose a drone that can be collided. More specifically, it won't be too fast or too heavy, so that it won't hurt anyone when it flies.

Most importantly, it is only used as a tool to practice drones flight,preparing to purchase more expensive drones in the future. Racing Professional Drones without camera is less than $10 that is perfect for beginners to make drone flight attempts.


Drone accessories for beginners:

Gimbal: If you want to take drone for photography, the image stabilizer, the Gimbal is a must. Since the drone often has a large swing during flight, if there is no help from the PTZ, the video will sway. Moreover, Gimbal has a good pan/tilt allows you to adjust the angle to shoot the scene you want.


Triaxial Gimbal: This pan/tilt head provides the best image stabilization, but it is costly and easy to damaged. In addition, due to its structural problems, the drone becomes more cumbersome and difficult to store.

Electronic PTZ for drone: Stabilizes the swinging picture through electronic anti-shake technology, but the anti-shake technology of UAV cameras is not mature and will affect the picture quality.

Finally, If the drone price has a significant impact on your purchase decision, you can refer this article for best cheap beginner drone. If you are interested in high quality video of drone, you need to prepare more budgets,but there are some good compromise options, such as DJI Spark.

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The Best Airpods Accessories 2019

The novel technology design of airpods has become the latest fashion product. But no matter how perfect the new technology, there will always be some shortcomings. Fortunately, AirPods accessories can improve some of the shortcomings of the appearance and performance. Let's look for the best airpods accessories 2019.


1. Airpods Case Cover

The split design of Airpods leads to the need to carry a charging box often when going out. I feel that it is easy to cause scratches on the charging case. So, buying a protective case cover for airpods is the first thing you need to do.

There are two kinds of protective covers, one is that the cover and the bottom are connected and the other is that the cover and the bottom are separated.

This design which inevitably produces a raised shape below.


However, the separate design of the airpods case cover and the under side is easy to the loss of the cover and the surrounding one is easily contaminated with dust.

Luxury Plating Metal Color Silicone Airpods Case Cover is available in ohotter and is available in gold and silver for you a choice.

The bright colors bring a visual impact to the AirPods of the literary and refreshing style, making your airpods stand out from the crowd.

Airpods Case Cover protects AirPods and AirPods charging box which with an opening at the bottom for charging AirPods. The buckle design is adopted for easy opening and closing. A carabiner clip is also used to secure the AirPods to a backpack, wallet, keychain or other item to reducing the probability that AirPods will be lost outdoor.

2. Airpods Silicone Hooks

Of course, according to my personal situation, whether it is the wired headset or Airpods that comes with the phone, it will face the problem of easy loss. Whether you are on the way to work or in the leisure to forget the existence of earbuds, you need to buy airpods silicone hooks.

It's common to use AirPods sweating and shaking while running, causing wireless earbuds to slip. Buying a silicone hooks airpods accessories for running may be a good choice.


After using airpods ear hooks, it is more secure and the airpods are more comfortable than the original.

But AirPods hooks have two drawbacks. First, the steps of putting and removing the airpods to the box are cumbersome and you need to save silicone hooks extra. Second, it can't be put into the charging box with AirPods.

If you are unfortunate and your AirPods are lost, how can find AirPods quickly:

1. Open the "Find My iPhone" app on your phone and log in.

2. Locate the AirPods listing. If the dot next to it is green, it means that the Bluetooth connection between AirPods and your phone is not disconnected and is still within a certain range.

3. Click the "Actions" button at the bottom, then select "Play Sound". At this time, your two AirPods will make a"drop" sound, you can find it according to the sound.

4. If you just lost a single bud, you can select "Mute the left ear" or "Mute the right ear."

5. When you find your AirPods, tap or click Stop Playing.

If you open the "Find My iPhone", the dot next to the AirPods listing is grey, indicating that AirPods is off, the battery is exhausted or is out of search range. At this time, you can only see the last known position of AirPods in the app. You can only find it based on the map to a nearby location and you cannot use the "Play Sound" feature.

3. AirPods STRAP

We know that one of the main advantages of AirPods is that they are Bluetooth wireless connection. But when you are in a remote area, the terrain will become very bumpy or you are running. You need some airpods accessories to make sure you don't lose your AirPods.

Whether you put them in your pocket, your neck or backpack, the strap's magnets hold the earbuds together when you're not wearing them. If you have a simple clip design, you can safely fix AirPods, so you don't warry to lose it.


4. Airpods Skin Sticker

This sticker is not protective, but it can make your earbuds more personalized. Airpods is the most fashionable item, so if you want to have a unique design and fashion Airpods, the airpods sticker is your best choice. And it can help you distinguish between the left and right bud easily.


That's it. You spend a lot of for your favourite wireless earbuds- airpods, so you want an accessory to make it work better. All the above apple airpods accessories best buy are some simple and cheap gadgets, but they can give you great help for using airpods.

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Ring Doorbell Sound issues

Wireless doorbells are used in a wide variety of ways. Since the wireless doorbell is almost the same equipment that is essential for a smart home, some simple faults that ring doorbell not working can be solved quickly by yourself.


Common solutions for ring doorbell issues:

1. Restart the router. Unplug the power cord, wait 30 seconds, then reconnect the router. After booting, wait until the power indicator on the router are no longer flashing. Then wait a few minutes and connect to the smart wireless doorbell network again.

2. The doorbell microphone is not enabled. The microphone on the Ring Doorbell may not be activated, so you will not be able to receive and hear any sound. Therefore, make sure the microphone is enabled on your ring doorbell by going to the Ring Doorbell application and switching the microphone button.

3. Poor connection. Poor connection can cause the ring doorbell video freeze and night vision problems. So, if you encounter any of these problems,check the cable to make sure it is properly installed according to the instructions.

4. The camera is malfunctioning. If the ring doorbell camera does not respond at all and no image is visible. The camera is likely to malfunction.Therefore, you need to replace the camera.

5. The battery is faulty. If the doorbell is not turned on regardless of whether the power is plugged in or not, the battery may be faulty. You may need to try to replace the battery.

Wireless Doorbell Not Working:

1. Wireless doorbell can't hear

The doorbell is inaudible and other functions are normal: it is estimated that the handle line is not plugged in or the handset speaker is damaged. Try to re-insert the handle line or replace the handle first, and then test the extension control board.

2. The wireless doorbell does not ring

Firstly, check whether the power supply of the alarm probe is normal,whether it is work properly. Then check whether the line from the alarm probe to the extension is connected, whether the contact is good (this step of the wireless alarm detector) and replace the parts test of the same model.

3. Lost WIFI connection

If you experience an interruption while ring doorbell video, this can happen due to poor wireless signal. Signal issues can be handled by changing the location of the router. In order to get a good Wi-Fi signal, you need to place the router close to the ring doorbell.

4. Application settings

Please check that the audio notifications on the ring doorbell app and device are active.


5. The smart doorbell rings When no one is at the door

The ringtone may sound automatically at an unexpected time, usually due to voltage fluctuations.

Disable the night vision function in the settings to temporarily prevent the ringing sound.

You may need another transformer connected to the ringer cable.

Check the voltage and install a new transformer.

6. Wireless doorbell with screen problems

6.1 No image

Please check the power supply to check the power supply has black and white 18V and color 12-18V.


6.2 The video cannot be played

Check the version of the application

Check the modem/router's Internet connection

Check the internet connection on the smart home wireless doorbell

If your device is not charged, you won’t be able to watch the video on the Ring app.

6.3 Video has a delay

If you are using a mobile connection, try to find a better signal or switch to Wi-Fi. If the Wi-Fi signal is too weak, go to a good signal place.

The doorbell camera's WIFI connection may be too weak at the camera installation location. When you view the video stream of your camera, you will usually see a message about a WIFI connection error.

Install the camera near the person you are talking to.

6.4 The image is distorted severely, jittery, unclear, black and fuzzy

Please check the power supply to see if the voltage and current meet the requirements of the manual. You only need to check the camera image and appearance.

6.5 Bright screen but without image

Check the video cable to see if the line is connected and if there is a video signal.

If you want to build a smart home, then you will love these smart homes, they can help you create the most convenient and comfortable home.

Sweeping robot, also known as smart vacuum cleaner, robot vacuum cleaner, etc., is a kind of smart household appliances. It can complete the floor cleaning work in the room with artificial intelligence, saving time and manpower.


The smart socket is controlled by the network. If the mobile phone can access the Internet, the home appliance can be remotely controlled anytime, anywhere.View and control the smart power switch at any time through the application. Whenever you leave home or need to travel for a longtime, you no longer must worry about turning off the lights or powering off your home appliances.



If you have a smart wireless doorbell in your home, you may encounter some technical problems. These issues include WIFI connectivity issues, ringing of the doorbell, ringing settings and ring doorbell no video. If you are looking for a solution that can help you get rid of these problems, I hope this article can help you.

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How to Choose the Best Home Theater Projector 2019

We spend more and more time on mobile phones and computers and the use of TVs is getting less and less, so more and more people like to use projectors to build home theaters. So here is a simple introduction for choosing a home theater projector.


Part 1: Home theater projector vs tv

Why should you buy the home theater projector?

  • Huge display (up to 300 inches!)
  • Very bright image
  • The same realistic experience as movie theater
  • Cheaper than bulky TV
  • Multiple video channels
  • What is a home theater projector?Which one is right for you? We'll help in the following articles to pick the best budget projector for you.

Part 2: Kinds of Projectors

At present, projectors are mainly divided into three types, light bulb projection, led light projection and laser projection.

Light bulb projection:


The lumens are around 2,500. Although it is not very good on a sunny day, it is no problem in dimly lit places.


1. The bulb's life is short and it takes a certain fee to change the bulbs. However, there are generally only have 6000-7000 hours life.

2. The weight is very heavy, it is not convenient to move to another place.


LED light projection:


1. Light weight and easy to move, you can use in the living room and bedroom.

2. Long life.

3. Various systems can be installed.


1. The lumens are generally only about 1000. Even if you use them at night, you need to turn off the lights. The effect of watching movies is not as good as that of the light bulbs projection.

2. Generally, you can project up to 100 inches screen.


Laser projector:


1. The brightness is high and it can be used as a TV.

2. The life is very long, no need to consider changing the bulbs.

3. The projection distance is very close. In just a few tens of centimeters, you can cast a 100-inch large screen and use the scene flexibly.


expensive,only expensive.


Part 3: Parameters for choose the home theater projector

Resolution: Projector resolution refers to the number of pixels in an image. The higher the number of pixels,the higher the resolution and the more detailed graphics are displayed. In general, the projector resolution of 1920*1080 is enough for home theater use.


Brightness is one of the most important indicators of the projector. The projector indicates that the unit of luminous flux is ANSI lumens.

The higher the lumen value, the brighter it is. Take a 100-inch screen as an example. 600 lumens in an all-black environment is almost enough. If you close the curtains during the day, you need to have a lumen of around 1200. If for the bright room, it will take 2500 or even 3000 lumens.


Contrast: The sharpness of an image is related to contrast, in addition to brightness and resolution. Contrast is obtained by measuring the contrast between black and white. The higher the contrast, the sharper the image. It is best to buy a high-contrast projector of 10,000:1 or higher.

Projection ratio: Projection ratio is projection distance/screen width.

Projectors are classified into ultra-short-focus, short-focus and telephoto lenses. The projection ratio of a normal projector is usually between 1.5 and 1.9. A projection ratio of less than one is often referred to as a short-focus lens. For projection ratios less than 0.6, merchants are often referred to as ultra-short throw projectors.


Part 4: Projectors to consider for your home cinema

Our recommended projectors will perform well in a dark room, perfect for home theater.

Light bulb projector: Acer V7500

Lumens: 2500 ANSI

Resolution: 1920*1080

Contrast: 20000:1

Projection ratio: 1.08:1 (100 inches less than 2.5m)

Price: $620


Laser projector: Xiaomi

Lumens: 5000 ANSI

Resolution: 1920*1080

Projection ratio: 0.25:1

Price: $1600


Part 5: The best item to create a home cinema

MXQ android TV Box S805 Quad Core 1.5GHz

The smart TV box is like a smartphone, open platform, equipped with operating system. It can install and uninstall third-party applications, watching TV, video playing, games, online education and shopping through ethernet and wireless network.

The advantages of smart TV box home theater:

(1) Connect to the Internet;

(2) A third-party application can be installed;

(3) Support system upgrade;

(4) Support mobile phone remote control TV;

(5) Ability to share content and with other devices (computer, PAD, mobile phone).


Generally, it will have an HDMI video interface, which can be connected to the display screen by using a video adapter cable. The simple operation and wide range of intelligent functions make these products popular among home smart device enthusiasts.

The most important is GEMWON S805 android TV Box, a smart streaming media player with Android 4.4.2 operating system. The quad-core Amlogic S805 features a quad-core GPU with speeds up to 1.5GHz. Supports up to 1080P UHD video hardware decoding, which means that no matter what player you use to play 1080P video,it can be played smoothly. With the pre-installed Google Play Store and other apps, you can enjoy smooth multitasking, gaming or watching movies.

CPU: Amlogic S805 quad-core Cortex A5 processor

GPU: Quad Core Mali-450

Operating system: Android 4.4.2

This is a smart TV box of less than$20, the most suitable accessory for 2019 home theater.



The above is about whether the projector can replace the TV and home theater projector reviews. I hope this article can help you create the perfect home theater by the best home theater projector.

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The Best android Carplay Stereo in 2019

What is the best carplay stereo 2019 and how does it help you be safer in your driving? It uses Siri and your iPhone to show a simplified home screen on your car's touch screen. You can also interact with CarPlay by pressing the voice button on the steering wheel.


1. Why would i use apple car play?

What is the CarPlay? CarPlay function is an interactive means that Apple can provide for car manufacturers to allow users to use the touch screen or buttons of the car (including the steering wheel button, center console button/ knob) control iPhone, SMS, navigation, music, podcast and other application.

2. What are the benefits of using CarPlay?

Modern cars have built-in "smart" interfaces, but they are usually very inconvenient. They are complex, voice assistants are bad and they don't allow you to use the app on your phone. CarPlay allows you to connect to the mobile phone operating system.


What CarPlay can do:

A. Screen is bigger: display navigation, music and phone information on the big screen of the car, clear operation interface.

B. Convenient navigation: You can use Siri to start map navigation after driving.

C. Listening to music is very convenient: listening to music can also be controlled by Siri, you can also use the knob control.

D. Voice calls: Mercedes-Benz vehicle's Audio 20 driving system does not have voice dialling function, it is very inconvenient calling when driving.When you use CarPlay, you will find it very convenient to make calls using Siri.

E. Beautiful decoration: The mobile phone can be placed on the armrest box or the central armrest after the phone is connected to the car, which cannot only affect the appearance of the car, but also does not have to worry about the phone falling from the mobile phone bracket.

F. Easy to operate interface: IOS interface style, very beautiful, I feel that Apple and Mercedes-Benz combined, there is a sense of technology.

G. Send WeChat and SMS messages: You can use voice to send WeChat and SMS messages and you can also view SMS messages.

H. Advanced applications: you can also use the voice to check the weather, check stocks, check exchange rates and mathematical operations, etc.when driving.

3. What kind of car support carplay?

More than 100 cars support CarPlay. CarPlay is usually an upgrade option, so if you are looking at a new car, be sure to ask for the packages you need to get the features.

How do you know if you want to buy a CarPlay for your car? You need to check your car's options. If you're driving an old car, most likely that it doesn't have a built-in CarPlay feature. Most of them offer it as the base model car for an upgrade package. Typically, you need to look for a "media screen" or "navigation". Before buying a CarPlay, you can check it again by plugging the phone into a USB port (if the car has a USB port) and seeing if a CarPlay message pops up.

What if your car does not support carplay? Depending on the radio configuration of your current auto, you can install it for your car at the after-sales service, you can buy and add to your car to get CarPlay support.

4. How do I connect to CarPlay?

1) To see if the vehicle's USB port has a phone and tablet logo, as shown below. This interface may be on the side of the cigarette lighter or in the central armrest box.


2) Use the knob to click the phone menu on the screen twice, or press the TEL button on the panel twice, the phone function interface will appear on the screen.

As shown in the image below, only the three options of telephone,Internet, and telephone information indicate that the vehicle does not support CarPlay.


The following image shows the five options of phone, internet, phone information, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which means that your car support CarPlay function.

3) Use Apple's original charging cable to plug in the USB port shown in the below picture and insert the other end into the iPhone. In general, CarPlay will start automatically. After booting, the interface between the phone and the car is as shown in the following two figures.

Note: The data cable must be original or officially certified by Apple.


Prompt "Allow MB infotainment to use carplay when the phone is locked " Click on Allow, the phone interface will change as shown below.


4) After CarPlay starts, you can lock the phone screen and use the car's knob or Siri to control CarPlay navigation, phone, music and other functions.In addition, if you are prompted "How to enable after Apple Carplay"during the start up process, please select "Auto", otherwise it will not start automatically when you connect next time.

Before the CarPlay connection, if the button shown below is pressed, the main screen will enter the five interfaces of radio, media, navigation,telephone and car.

After CarPlay is connected, the button changes:

Press "RADIO", the two buttons of the vehicle icon or the same as before.

Pressing "NAVI" will launch CarPlay and will automatically open the Apple Map.

Pressing "MEDIA" will launch CarPlay and will automatically open the Apple Music app.

Pressing "TEL" will launch CarPlay and will automatically open Apple's phone app.


5) Use Siri with Apple CarPlay

5.1 CarPlay is more convenient because of the existence of Siri

On the iPhone, Siri is not quick and easy to touch the screen, so Siriis not often used.

You can also access Siri to get voice commands by holding down the Home button on the screen). This makes messaging and call contacts easier and you can find the right song to complete your driving experience. CarPlay can also be controlled in voice via a mobile phone.

You can change the car music being played using your connected iPhone.For example, set navigation, phone calling, listen to music, send messages, check weather, check stock data, math operations and more. Siri doesn't bring much convenience on the phone, but Siri is a great assistant for CarPlay.

5.2 Setting Siri on the Phone for CarPlay

To use Siri while driving, you must first enable Siri on your phone.Take my iPhone 6 Plus, IOS 11.2.2 as an example.

Enable Siri operation method: Settings -> Siri and Search.

The settings are as shown below.


Search and query suggestions are to be opened so that Siri can give us more information.

5. How to Set Up CarPlay on iPhone

Before setting up, you need to know that CarPlay only supports iPhone 5 and newer IOS. You can set up CarPlay via USB cable or Bluetooth. In both cases you must have the Siri feature turned on your iPhone.

1. Start the car

2. Open the Settings app on your iPhone, go to "General" and find "CarPlay"


3. Now you have two options to set up CarPlay: Bluetooth or USB.Bluetooth is simpler but it requires the built-in CarPlay feature on the steering wheel, while USB is simply connected via an interface.


Bluetooth: Select "Turn on Bluetooth" and press the Voice Control / Siri / CarPlay button on the car's steering wheel to start setting up CarPlay.

USB: Connect your iPhone to the USB port on your car to start setting up CarPlay.

4. After detecting the CarPlay connection, select available carplay and the screen on the car should start showing CarPlay content.


5. Finally, confirm that CarPlay is available through the button on the steering wheel or the touch screen on the car.

Finally, Carplay best car stereo for auto has two solutions: Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. These two systems provide nearly similar functionality. All of this is managed by voice commands, giving you more freedom while driving. For Wholesale car electronics such as Wireless Car Charger/OBD Car diagnosis tools and Travel refrigerator for car, GEMWON offer the fast and free shipping for all over the world.

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How to Choose the Best Apple AirPods Alternatives 2019

Smartphones without a headphone jack have become a trend design, so wireless Bluetooth headsets have become a popular standard. Apple AirPods is the world's best and most popular Bluetooth wireless earbuds. But it is not cheap. If you are looking for a best airpods alternative cheap, here are some tips that fit the budget wireless earbuds.


1. i9s TWS is close to the real AirPods

Like most wireless earbuds,the i9s has a lightweight case that doubles as a charger. The earphones fit your ears and don't cause any discomfort when worn.



Sound: Almost as good as real AirPods

The exterior design of the case is the same as the design of the AirPods

Short coming:

Airpods vs Alternatives: i9s Earbuds cannot be used alone

No wireless charging

2. TicPods Free - Airpods Alternative Best Buy

As a true wireless headset, TicPods Free is designed is similar to AirPods.

The charging box is equipped with a pair of earbuds. The charging box of TicPods Free is a capsule type. The earphone can be charged in the box and the earbud will connected to the mobile phone automatically when open charging box.

The earphones are in-ear style, and the overall body is thicker than AirPods. Adopting the "beansprout type" design, the ear part is made of silicone material. The back of the earphone is the same stripe texture as the charging case and this part of the texture is also the part of the earphone that supports touch. This is the best wireless earbuds for airpods alternatives.


TicPods Free Review:

TicPods Free is connected in the same way as a common Bluetooth headset. When you open the charging box,it will automatically enter the pairing state. As a smart headset, it can also be used with the App. You can check the power status and operation prompts of the headset through the App. TicPods Free supports Android and iOS and feature support on both systems is the same.

TicPods Free earbuds do not have physical buttons. All control operations are done through the touch area on the back of the headphones. The operation is similar to that of AirPods. Double click to play the next one or hang up/answer the call.

TicPods Free also supports the touch slide to adjust volume, which AirPods does not support. This function is achieved on TicPods Free, which brings great convenience to adjust the volume and this is the biggest advantage for airpods alternatives compared to airpods.


On battery use, the TicPods Free single earbud has a battery capacity of 85 mAh and a charging box of 700 mAh. Official data says it can play for 4 hours continuously and with the charging box it can use 17 hours once full charging.

Charging Time vs Apple Airpods:

In charging time, TicPods Free can achieve 85 minutes of use time in 15 minutes of charging.
This fast charging feature is important when you need to go out urgently.

3. Sony WF-1000X Wireless Premium Noise Cancelling Earphones

The WF-1000X is equipped with advanced digital noise reduction technology. The external microphone is combined with the noise reduction engine for calculation and analysis to produce high-precision reverberation sound waves, which can effectively cancel the noise. Turn on the noise reduction function to experience more beautiful music.

In addition to the excellent noise reduction, Sony also hopes to provide users with a better sound quality experience.

The WF-1000X is equipped with a 6 mm high-quality drive unit. The mid-range vocals are warm, natural,clear, low-frequency, powerful, and rich. I think it is the best true wireless earbuds for running because it can reduce the environmental noise.


Of course, this Sony wireless noise cancelling earphone is more expensive than other airpods alternatives. But buying this earbud as an airpods alternatives is still cheap.

4. Anker Zolo Liberty+ Wireless Smart Headset

Featuring a split-independent design is similar to AirPods, Zolo Liberty can use for 3.5 hours in a single full charge and comes with a portable charging case that provides an additional 48 hours of backup power.


Zolo Liberty+ uses Bluetooth 5.0 standard, not only compatible with Apple Siri voice assistant,but also support to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana. The pairing process is as simple as AirPods.

The Bottom Line:

From the recent situation,Apple's September conference is likely to not update AirPods and there is no more information about it on the Internet. If you want to wait for the latest airpods and you are short of a airpods alternatives for iPhone, earbuds above are your best choice from GEMWON.

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How to Buy the best iPad accessories 2019

For the average consumer, when faced with a limited model iPad, the choice may be relatively simple, as long as according to your needs and budget, you can buy the iPad accessories must have. If you have just bought the iPad recently, but don't know how to choose cool iPad accessories, you may need this article.


1. Smart Keyboard for iPad Air 10.5'/iPad Pro 10.5'/iPad Pro 11'/iPad Pro 12'

The first is Apple accessory Smart Keyboard. As a 2-in-1 accessory for the protective cover keyboard, Smart Keyboard has many advantages. For example,in the similar products, its weight is among the best and it is still compatible with the 2018 iPad Pro. Because it uses the metal contacts behind the iPad Pro, it can be used with this without Bluetooth pairing.

It is no battery, the Smart Keyboard (11-inch) is controlled at 297 grams. The entire keyboard design is neat and simple, so the assembly and disassembly are also very convenient.

Functionally, the Smart Keyboard has a full-size keyboard. The only defect may be "price" and now the 11-inch Smart Keyboard is priced at$199 on the apple website.

Such an expensive price is not everyone's willingness to accept, so you need the best iPad accessories for students described below that low-cost and practical.

2. Logitech K480 Bluetooth Keyboard

The Logitech K480 appears on this list because its design is perfect for the iPad. Even as a very simple wireless keyboard for iPad, there is not so much smart technology.

The first is that the integrated stand is different from the traditional Bluetooth keyboard. The K480 integrates a stand on the keyboard, so that even if your iPad is not use the cover with stand, you can still maintain a proper reading angle with your ipad.

Secondly, the K480 moderate size and weight are suitable for portable devices like the iPad, put it in a backpack and bring it to the library.

In terms of functions, the K480 is a well-regulated Bluetooth keyboard that supports switching between multiple devices. The keyboard layout can be adapted for Windows and macOS, so if you have multiple devices, it must the best iPad pro gaming accessories for you.


3. Apple Pencil

The iPad including the 2018 iPad Pro, the 6th generation iPad, the 3th generation iPad Air, the 5th generation iPad mini and the newer all support the handwriting input.

Apple Pencil, which has been iterated to the second generation, is still the first choice for iPad input accessories.

The second generation of Apple Pencil for the 2018 iPad Pro, many of the shortcomings of the generation of Apple Pencil are now improved, such as the magnetic charging replaced by inconvenient charging method, but also the improved storage issues.


The sleek material of the previous generation has resulted in a poor grip. The new matte material of the second generation of Apple Pencil also solves this problem. In addition, there is a completely integrated plan that will not cause you to lose your pen accessories.

In terms of configuration specifications, the second-generation Apple Pencil also added the function of the double-click switching tool. By tapping the pen body twice, you can switch between the brush and the eraser. If you'reusing an iPad that isn't the 2018, you'll only be able to use 1th generation of Apple Pencils that better at a lower price. I think it is the best iPad accessories for students.

4. iPad Case

The iPad case is the first thing to buy. Because the iPad body is very thin, in order to prevent the hand slipping or bumping, the protective cover is essential. The portability of the iPad determines that it should have a thin body, so you must not buy a protective cover that is too thick.

For the protective cases for iPad:

1. Do not buy a protective case with a pen slot, which will increase the overall width of the iPad.

2. The cover has a magnetic sense and has a sleep/wake function. When it is closed, it goes into sleep and saves power.

3. The bottom shell is silicone, which can be disassembled without hurting the machine. This avoids scratching the iPad with a hard-outer casing.

If you have a backpack that is big enough, then this product will definitely be your favourite. It can be used as a protective case or as a handbag to make your iPad stylish and portable.


If the iPad is owned by your child, i recommend this accessory is the best iPad accessories for kids.

5. Glass screen protector

The new design of the iPad Pro makes it easier to slip off your hands.It's best to buy a glass screen protector that saves a few hundred dollars in screen replacement costs. The choice of this accessory is relatively simple,you can buy ultra-thin tempered glass protective film according to the model.

6. Aukey mobile power

You may also need a mobile power source to keep iPad energized during your travels. I chose this model because it is small and affordable.

However, the 10,000 mAh you get from Aukey. It will give you extra hours when you need it. It has a USB-C port so you don't need an adapter. This mobile power supports fast charging and it is the best charge accessory for iPad.

There is also a USB-A port that can charge other devices - including the iPhone or Nintendo Switch.

7. iPad Desktop Stand

Not only for the iPad, it is also an excellent accessory for the iPhone or most other smartphones and tablets. This multi-function desktop stand from GEMWON safely keeps your device at the most comfortable angle for charging while reading or playing.

The bracket is made of ABS material with a rubber underlay to prevent it from dropping. In addition to the silver version visible above, you can also choose pink.


It should be all the accessories needed to improve the productivity of iPad. I don't promise that these things will make your iPad a replacement for laptop, but they will make life easier. More new accessories for iPad you can purchase at GEMWON online, you can get the fastest shipping and more discount.

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Xiaomi Airdots Review - Best Budget TWS at GEMWON

Xiaomi Airdots Review - Best Budget TWS at GEMWON

Redmi has released the new product "true wireless headset" - Redmi AirDots. What kind of experience can this split-type Bluetooth headset that costs only $13.99? Reviews for Xiaomi Redmi airdots earbuds 2019.

The Redmi airdots is very compact,with a 2-in-1 storage case and charging box: it is paired automatically when take out and shuts down when placed inside the box. The design is fashion, with a sharp angular transition in the cover and matte texture. Although this Redmi wireless Bluetooth earbuds is named Redmi AirDots, we can see that the box is printed with "Xiaomi" Logo instead of Redmi.


Xiaomi AirDots lights guide:

At the side of each earbuds you’ll find a small LED that flashes to let you know the earbuds battery status. The buds will flash a blue-white colour when pairing or connecting to other devices, then when placed into storage box will flash red to indicate they are charging.


Xiaomi Airdots working mode:

Once the Redmi AirDots are paired, simply open the lid and take out the earbuds to associate with the phone automatically. The XiaoMi airdots support two working modes. Simply take one bud out of the charging box and work it alone, if you take another bud, the two earbuds will be automatically associated.

How to pair Xiaomi Redmi Airdots:

The Xiaomi Redmi airdots pairing process is very easy, just go to your device's Bluetooth settings and pair them. Bluetooth split-type earbuds, get rid of the earphone wire is very favorite.

How to use Xiaomi Redmi Airdots:

This multi-function button supports short press and hang up calls and press and hold for one second to hang up. Short press to pause, play music, double-click to open voice assistant, support Xiao Ai, Siri and Google voice assistant.

How long can Xiaomi Airdots use:

The single charging of the earbuds supports continuous playback of 4 hours of battery life and provides approximately 150 hours of standby time. It can provide about 12 hours of battery life when used with the battery case, 12 hours of music playback, 15hours of game play and 12 hours of call play. You can use one or two buds.

Xiaomi Airdots charging:

About Xiaomi Airdots charging may also be more concerned. The charging box supports 5V 5A, 25W power input, and the Xiaomi earbuds supports 5V 1A, 5W power input. The full charging time of the Xiaomi Airdots is about one and a half hours, and the charging box needs 2hours for full charging. On the back of the earbuds charging box, there is a Micro USB charging port.


Redmi AirDots Weigh:

AirDots' single earplugs are 4.1g, which is enough to bring a comfortable wearing experience, while the total weight (a pair of earbuds + charging box) is only 42g and easy to carry.They fit nicely on your ears, I think it won't loosen easily, so you don't have to worry about losing your headphones. According to many user's feedback, the most worrying about wireless Bluetooth headsets is easy loss.

Redmi AirDots Parameters and Specs

Model: Xiaomi AirDots

Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0

Transmission range: 10 meters

Play music for about 4 hours

Standby time about 150 hours

The charging time of the Xiaomi AirDots is about 1.5 hours and the charging time of the charging box is about 2hours.

Battery capacity: 40mAh

Charging box battery capacity:300mAh

Charging box size: 62 × 40 ×27.2mm

Earphone size: 26.65 × 16.4 ×21.6mm

The net weight of a single bud is about 4.1 grams

Total net weight of the charging box is about 35.4 grams.



Charging box, extra closure earcap, left and right earphones

Bluetooth protocol: HFP/A2DP/HSP/AVRCP

Redmi Airdots Sound quality:

I think this Redmi Bluetooth earbuds has a high-quality stereo audio because I can hear the sound clearly. Sound quality and recording are better than other wireless headphones. People phone calling can hear the others well by using normal volume in noisy places (such as on a bus, in a subway station)! Whether it's appearance, design or wearing comfort, mi Redmi Airdots can meet the needs of users.

Where can I buy Redmi AirDots wireless earbuds?

Xiaomi products are mainly sold in China, so it is difficult to buy them without browsing the web. Fortunately,sellers on Amazon offer Redmi AirDots earbuds for as low as $30.

Of course, GEMWON offers wireless Bluetooth earbuds as low as $11. You can choose something cheaper like the I9s Tws Bluetooth Earbuds Headphone, F10, TWS Q32 Bluetooth earbuds.There are many wireless earbuds similar to Xiaomi airdots to choose from.


Finally: The convenience of Redmi airdots wireless Bluetooth headset is the biggest impression I have. Xiaomi Airdots vs Airpods, if you need to use earbuds to listening songs, videos, and answer calls, then this is the recommended $13.99 Redmi AirDots, which can meet all your needs compared to the expensive price of apple airpods $199.

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The Best Camping Fridges for Car

A car refrigerator is a mobile device used in a car. If you want to buy a car fridge, how to buy the best travel fridge for car? A car refrigerator is a refrigerator that can be carried in a car.

There are mainly two kinds of car refrigerators on the market, one is a semiconductor car refrigerator, the principle is to rely on electronic chip refrigeration; the other is the compressor car refrigerator, the compressor is the traditional technology of the traditional refrigerator, the cooling temperature is -18
to 10.


Part 1: Things to Know Before Buying Car Refrigerator

1. How to judge the performance of the car refrigerator?

The performance of the car refrigerator mainly depends on the cooling temperature and the cooling speed. Taking a home refrigerator as an example: it takes about 20 minutes to cool from 20 to 0; about 2 hours from 0 to 10

The car refrigerator with compressor takes 10-15 minutes from 20 to 0, and the electronic semiconductor refrigeration car refrigerator takes about 40 minutes.

2. The design of the car refrigerator

The quality of the refrigerator determines the service life of a refrigerator. The material is better, the longer the life of the car refrigerator. The value of such a refrigerator is also greater.

To measure the quality of the car refrigerator, just open the refrigerator and test the design of the seal. If the seal lacks toughness and is not tight enough, it proves that the seal is not good.

3. Car refrigerator price for sale

Car refrigerators typically range in price from $30 to $200. But different prices mean different values.Normally, you can buy a suitable car refrigerator for about $30. But if you are looking for better quality and design, then you may have to pay more.

When purchasing a car refrigerator, it depends on whether you can accept the price and it is inappropriate definitely to pursue low prices. Low prices have certain advantages in similar products, but cheap refrigerators may bring poor cooling effect. When buying a car fridge freezer, you may need to consider the overall VFM.

4. How much storage do you need?

Although car fridge is a variety of sizes to choose from, the size of an electric cooler is usually smaller than a conventional cooler. If you have been browsing reviews online, you may have seen the car coolers reach dozens of sizes! So what size car refrigerator do you need? 10L cooler or a small fridge?

Part 2: Questions & Tips of Using an In-car Refrigerator

Auto refrigerator maintenance

1. Keep the refrigerator is clean. Do not scratch the inner wall with sharp things, try to avoid hard objects colliding with the inner wall;

2. Do not wipe the inside of the cabinet with a non-volatile or corrosive liquid;

3. Wipe with a soft cloth and a mild detergent (water or refrigerator-specific cleaner);

4. Do not rinse or soak in the water to clean the auto refrigerator box.

What is the best camping fridge?

If you want to get a discount, 12V car refrigerator car dual-use refrigerator is your best choice. We believe this is the best car refrigerator because it meets all the advantage we mentioned when looking for a 12-volt car refrigerator.

Considering its cooling capacity, storage capacity, durability,insulation, power usage and price, it is the most affordable.

Where can I buy a 12-volt fridge for van?

It is now easy to find a 12v refrigerator, as off-road and outdoor climbing are becoming more popular. You can buy car cooler online stores like GEMWON, Walmart. They are also available online on Amazon and eBay.

Should I buy a 12-volt car refrigerator?

It can more efficient for your outdoor cooking. It can be kept cold fora long time, which means it save energy. Simple operation and use make it easy to load or unload food. Its small exterior and on-board cigarette lighter allow you to have a heating and cooling refrigerator anytime, anywhere.


Using car cooler

1. Use on the car and access the cigarette lighter.

2. When converting the cooling function from the heating function, it is recommended to turn off the power supply and start the car refrigerator after 5minutes.

3. Please always keep the vents and cooling holes of the car refrigerator.

4. Keep away from the heat source when using the car refrigerator.

5. When cleaning the car refrigerator, please turn off all power, please do not use corrosive detergent to clean the refrigerator.


With the development of technology, the car refrigerator realized the function of freezing. The ability to complete a frozen car refrigerator, the temperature range of refrigeration is naturally able to store a wider variety of foods, such as ice cream, seafood, meat and drugs and so on. Therefore, the current car refrigerator is not only a car electronic, but also represents the consumption, travel, and quality of life better.

A portable refrigerator will be an important addition to your car because it solves many common problems, especially food storage. If you want to enjoy a refreshing drink and fresh food in the wild or camping, buy the 12-volt best car refrigerator.

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