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How to Choose the Right Face Mask

Medical face masks are suitable for surgeons, because it can protect doctors from pathogens during surgery. So, in the period of coronavirus and flu, how should we choose the best face mask to protect from coronavirus?


Medical surgical mask

If you have been to a dentist,surgical masks will look familiar-they will be used by doctor and nurse to prevent liquids from splashing. The main purpose of surgical masks is to prevent infected people from sneezing or coughing liquid from entering your mouth or nose. If you are in close contact with someone who is ill, wearing a medical mask can protect the doctor and also prevent the disease from spreading to others.

Can Kn95 reduce the spread of viruses?

The rapid spread of COVID-19 around the world has made us pay more attention to various preventive measures. Make sure to wash your hands frequently, minimize outdoor activities. You must wear a mask when you go out. The outbreak of the epidemic also caused people to doubt the masks. Many people want to know whether the kn95 mask can prevent viruses?

According to the requirements of GB2626 standard, KN standard masks are classified again according to their filtering performance for non-oily particles. We are already familiar with the three masks KN90, KN95 and KN100. The KN95 mask refers to a filtration efficiency of greater than 95% for non-oily particles above 0.075 microns, and the diameter of the new coronavirus COVID-19 is about 0.1 to 0.12 microns. Therefore, wearing a KN95 mask can effectively prevent viruses.


However, here is that qualified masks that meet all the standards of GB2626 have no anti-penetration requirements. The biggest difference between it and medical mask. Medical surgical masks have anti-permeability requirements, and the outermost layer is a waterproof layer. Therefore, care must be taken to avoid patient droplets and saliva in order to prevent the mask from getting wet and increasing the permeability of the virus.

Choose a mask with or without a breathing valve?

No breathing valve mask: two-way breathing protection. Whether it is inhaled or exhaled, it must be filtered by the mask.

Mask with one-way breathing valve: the wearer can only protect himself.


Which of KF94 mask and N95 mask is better?

Since KF94 is not aimed at medical standards, there is no relevant bacterial filtration rate standard in the production process. In addition, the external materials are the same as the non-medical KN95 and N95 masks. Water resistance is not as good as medical masks. Once the droplets are contaminated,if the mask is not replaced for a long time, it will still increase the permeability of bacteria and viruses. Therefore, KF94 can play the role of personal protection, but its effect is inferior to KN95 protective masks.

Is the KF94 mask used only once?

As we all know, KN95 is the Chinese standard for protective masks, which refers to filtering non-oily particles with a diameter greater than 0.3% and greater than 95%. The KF94 mask was developed by Korea. According to the official website of the Korea Food and Drug Administration (MFDS), the standard mask has a filtration rate of more than 94% for particles with a diameter of 0.4 μm.

In other words, the KF94 standard mask can filter out at least 94% of particles with a diameter equal to 0.4 μm.

Therefore, the KF94 mask is not disposable, it is the same type of protective mask as the KN95 mask. If we are no direct contact with new coronavirus-infected people or endemic areas, etc., we can reuse the kf94 mask,but it can be reused up to 5 times.

How to Choose the Right Face Mask to Protect Yourself?

Outdoor activities, such as walking in the park, keep a distance of more than 2 meters with others

Working environment is well ventilated, indoor independent office


Disposable medical mask

Go to supermarkets, shopping malls, elevators and other crowded and sealed places

Gathering work

Medical surgical mask

A medical staff in the general outpatient department and general ward of the hospital

Work in a crowded, mobile and closed place

Police, security, express delivery and other service personnel

Need to take care of patients at home

N95/KN95 or above standard protection mask

Medical staff in emergency department

Epidemic-related testing personnel

For those who closely on conducting epidemiological investigations

Medical protective masks or Disposable Protective Clothing for Medical Use

Medical staff

Confirming or suspecting a patient

Persons who conduct epidemiological investigations on confirmed and suspected cases

How to reuse the masks?

If you are faced with the shortage of masks, you can reuse the masks depending on the possibility of infection.

If there are the following situations, disposable masks should be discarded:

The mask is damaged and deformed;

The mask becomes wet or dirty;

Breathing becomes more difficult.

01 How to remove the mask?

If the mask you take off needs to be used again, you can hang it in a clean, dry and ventilated place or fold it in a clean and breathable paper bag,and ensure that it is stored separately.

02 Can medical masks be cleaned?

It cannot be disinfected with disinfectant, heating, etc.

Do not use alcohol spray or high temperature disinfection

Alcohol and high temperature will cause the outer material of the mask to degenerate to varying degrees, the ability to block droplets and saliva will decrease, and the protection of the mask will be greatly reduced.

03 Do not use UV light disinfection

The material of the filter layer of the mask is a thermoplastic polymer material, which is very sensitive to ultraviolet rays. After receiving ultraviolet radiation, the structure will be destroyed and the filtration performance will be reduced.


GEMWON is committed to providing epidemic prevention product to maximize the reduction of transmission and elimination of viruses in all regions of the world. We have masks that are suitable for each workplace. If you or your family need protective product, please refer to our mask page. If you have any difficulties, please leave a message to tell us, we can provide you the best face masks for coronavirus as a gift, to through the difficulties with you.

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How to Protect Yourself from the Coronavirus

How to Protect Yourself from the Coronavirus

The American are suffering from an epidemic, the double pinch of influenza and coronavirus. You should protect yourself from coronavirus and flu outbreaks. How to use disinfectant products to fight coronavirus to prevent the body from being attacked by COVID-19? These coronaviruses fighting product list can help you.


Part 1: How to Clean and Disinfect the Workplace to Help Slow the Coronavirus Spread?

1. Choose the right disinfectant

Commonly used disinfectant products can be divided into 9 types according to their ingredients: chlorine-containing disinfectants, peroxide-based disinfectants, aldehyde-based disinfectants,alcohol-based disinfectants, iodine-containing disinfectants, phenol-based disinfectants, ethylene oxide, Biguanide disinfectant and quaternary ammonium disinfectant.

Disinfectants are dangerous chemicals and must be selected in strict accordance with the instructions. Excessive use will bring other risks. For example, peroxyacetic acid is a strong oxidant that can easily kill microorganisms. It is often used for disinfection of clothing,floors, walls, house spaces, etc. However, when the concentration is too high,it can irritate and damage the skin and corrode items.

2. Different disinfection methods

Commonly used are soaking,wiping, spraying, different objects and places need different disinfection methods.

Small objects (such as gloves,fabrics) can be soaked and disinfected with chlorine disinfectant.

Door handles, light switches,elevator buttons, desk tops, chair backs, mechanical buttons, production tools,etc. are in contact with many people. It is recommended to clean surface with chlorine disinfectant.

After shutting down the mobile phone, computer, etc., wipe it with a disinfectant wipe.

Large surfaces such as walls and floors, the spraying method is recommended to sterilize.

At the same time, please pay attention that the action time of the chlorine disinfectant agent is 15-30 minutes, and then wipe with water.

3. How to perform air disinfection in the work room?

For disinfection in offices and production sites, the preferred method is natural ventilation. Natural ventilation reduces the amount of indoor virus and dilutes its concentration to reduce the risk of disease.

4. How to do on the way to and from work?

  • Wear disposable medical mask properly. Try not to take public transportation, it is recommended to walk,ride or drive.
  • After arriving home, remove your mask and wash your hands first.
  • Wipe the mobile phone and keys with a sterile wipe or 75% alcohol.
  • Keep the room ventilated and to avoid crowds.


Part 2: Coronavirus Fighting Product List to Help Slow the COVID-19 Spread

According to the CDC and Prevention, washing hands with soap and water remains the best way to prevent the spread of the virus.

The new coronavirus is believed to be transmitted mainly by people and respiratory droplets, such as coughing,sneezing and spitting.

Some items on the list can help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Products containing bleach, alcohol or hydrogen peroxide are the best at killing off germs and virus. Each disinfection chemical has specific instructions. But the important tip is that once you have applied the cleaner to the surface, do not wipe it off immediately, save it for some time to kill the virus.

75% Alcohol

Alcohol is effective in killing germs and bacteria

1. You can dilute the alcohol with water, but you must keep the alcohol concentration around 70% to kill the coronavirus. Many hand sanitizers have an alcohol concentration of about 60%and Lysol has an alcohol content of about 80%. These are all effective against coronaviruses.

2. Try to wipe items with alcohol as much as possible without disinfection by spraying. Alcohol should not be used for large-scale disinfection, nor for laundry disinfection (clothes may generate static electricity).

3. Ensure good indoor ventilation before using alcohol disinfection. After disinfecting the surface of the object with alcohol, be sure to stay away from flames, such as smoking and electrical switches.


Chlorine Disinfectant

1. Chlorine-containing disinfectant refers to a disinfectant that dissolves in water to produce sodium hypochlorite.

2. The chlorine-containing disinfectant should be dissolved in water at about 20. The higher the water temperature, the worse disinfection effect. When diluting the disinfectant, keep the space well ventilated.

3. The disinfectant should be stored in a cool and ventilated place below 25.

UV disinfection lamp

The UV lamp is simple and convenient, and can sterilize in a room. However, if the UV lamp is not used properly, it will cause electro-optic ophthalmia, which is manifested as redness, tearing, and tingling of the eyes.

How to use UV lamps correctly?

1. Make sure there is no one in the room and the lights are off.

2. When there are dirty things on the surface of the ultraviolet lamp, clean it with alcohol, and use it after the alcohol has evaporated completely.

3. If the room humidity is greater than 60%, it is necessary to increase the light time appropriately.

4. Ozone may also be generated when irradiated by ultraviolet rays, and windows need to be opened for ventilation after disinfection.

Through the UV-C disinfection wand,it provides a 10-minute regular sterilization and disinfection function. The use of ultraviolet rays with high sterilization and disinfection efficiency and strong capabilities can interfere with viral RNA replication and at the same time inactivate its proteins, which can kill bacteria and microorganisms.


Infrared thermometer gun for control of coronavirus infection

This is a multi-functional infrared forehead thermometer that can be used to measure the temperature of people,surfaces and animals. It can quickly measure the target temperature and display accurate measurement results within 1 second.


Multi-functional: can measure human temperature, skin temperature, surface temperature, liquid temperature, bath water temperature,rice paste, etc.

Fast and accurate: 1 second accurate temperature measurement, the maximum measurement deviation is +/- 0.2 .

Non-contact: 3-5 cm measurement distance, no contact with human skin, healthy and safe, prevent cross infection.

3 colors of backlight can warn of high temperature.

Infrared thermometer can save dozens of data for tracking the development of fever.

Used to measure the temperature range of 0-100 degrees Celsius on the surface, used to measure the temperature range of 32.0-42.9 degrees Celsius of the human body, used to measure the temperature range of 32.0-45.0 degrees Celsius of animals.

Using the temperature range of 10-40 degrees Celsius,the storage temperature range is 0-50 .

Power supply: 2 x AAA batteries (not included)


Non-touch infrared body temperature detection guns can help you screen patients with fever and virus transmission as quickly as possible. In some public areas it is essential to a quickly detect temperature gun.

Don't forget to wear a mask before going out, to minimize the risk of diseases on the road by asymptomatic people. GEMWON can provide you with affordable disposable medical masks. If you have more needs, you can contact at any time.

LED ultraviolet deodorizing sterilizing box

This UV sterilization bag provides 360°disinfection with 12pcs led lamp beads.The intensity of the ultaviolet disinfection lamp is equal to more than 20 times the intensity of the sun. Life time for the bulbs will last 10,000 hours.


☀Internal use of special reflective materials for UV light for all-round disinfection.3 minutes sterilization,it effectively killing dirtiness up to 99.9% and can remove odor.

☀One-button operation, suitable for all kinds of DC 5V mobile power and charging plugs.

☀The disinfection space is large enough to be put into a variety of household items for disinfection.When going out, you can put it in your suitcase as a storage bag.

☀Not only suitable for ultraviolet disinfection of underwear,but also for headphones,hearing aids,stethoscopes,dentures,tooth brushes,beauty tools,feeding bottles ,toys,forks,knife,glasse,ect.


LED lamp beads: 12

Net weight: 608g

Power supply interface: USB (Micro)

LED wavelength: 260-280nm

Lamp life: 10,000 hours

Rated input: 5V-2A

Color: Gray, Pink

Package Includes:

1 * UV Disinfection Bag

1 * instruction manual

1 * adapter


The above is clean effectively to limit the spread of COVID-19. Do more and follow these tips to better protect yourself and your family from COVID-19.

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How to Choose Best GPS Dog Trackers 2020

Wear a GPS tracker for your pet. Not only can you find it when your pet is lost, you can also check your pet's Motion locus through the application, discover where your puppy likes to play, and explore its secrets. The best GPS trackers for pets integrate positioning, safety and health. Through data connection, you can achieve 24-hour security management of pets.


What is a pet tracker?

The pet tracker for dog and cat integrates positioning, safety, and health into one. Through data connection, you can achieve 24-hour security management of pet tracking.

Dog GPS Tracker is a dog tracking collar that only works in real time to help you locate puppies. Its positioning and searching function, through the built-in SIM mobile 2G card and App, can realize GPS satellite positioning, LBS base station positioning, Wi-Fi positioning, 3D acceleration assisted positioning and other positioning methods. Helping you solve the problem of lost pets.


Reminder function, through the app, you can also set the safe area of the pet's activity range in advance, and track the pet's position in real time. And once your pet runs out of the set range, the app will automatically turn on the alarm mode and remind the owner to warn before possible risks to avoid the trouble of losing pets.

The benefits of using a GPS tracker for dog?

It is helpful to think of a dog activity tracker as a complementary tool. The main benefit of an activity tracker is the ability to collect and share health data with others. Provides detailed information on dog health, exercise, rest style and behavior, which can help reduce dog weight. You will be more motivated to do some exercise or do something beneficial with your dog, which will be very interesting.

How to use pet GPS tracker to prevent pets from getting lost?

Buy a pet Cat Dog Tracking Device, open the package, take out the positioning host,and insert a micro-SIM card.

Press the power-on button for 3~5 seconds. After you see the light,it means the boot is successful.

Scan the QR code to download the mobile Application, use the product ID and password to log in to the application, and start basic settings.

Open the buckle, thread the pet collar into the buckle, lock the buckle after wearing, and then put it on the pet's neck.


Which Dog Fitness Trackers should you buy?

Smart GPS tracker locator for children, dogs, dogs, car wallets, pets, cats, motorcycles, luggage,smartphones, selfies, shutters, APP control.


GPS Tracker: Key Finder uses BT 4.0 technology to connect Android, iOS, iPad and other smartphones. Show your lost car keys,luggage, wallet, dog, cat away from you on Application so you can find them accurately.

📍Application Remote Control: Download the free Tracing Application and pair it with your smartphone. When you press the remote-control button,the receiver beeps and you can hear the sound from the GPS tracker within 100 feet. GPS tracker locator contains black, green, blue, pink, white.

📍Finder keychain: The Keyfinder smart tracker is small, lightweight and easy to carry, just like a keychain on a child's schoolbag or hanging on a pet collar. Viewing the tracker in real time can effectively avoid losing luggage and pets. Provide the last viewed pin on the map through the APP to help you search for cars in the parking space.

📍Multi-function: anti-lost alarm, GPS tracking device, remote control. Used as a remote shutter for taking photos,you can remotely control your smartphone camera by pressing the viewfinder button.

Working distance: 0-30ft (adjustable), the maximum distance can reach 75 feet.


Anti-lost keychain

It should be noted that it does not really locate, only the alarm and prompt functions. It is suitable for cats that are kept at home and do not go out often. Its working principle is that after connecting with the mobile phone,once the distance between the keychain and the mobile phone exceeds the safe distance, the keychain and the mobile phone will send out an alarm at the same time. If you can't find the cat, you can control the keychain to make a sound through the mobile phone application to find the cat's location.

Although the volume of the keychain is relatively thin, it generally has the size of a rubber, and it is a separate keychain design. You need to find a suitable collar for matching. The standby time can be as long as several months depending on the battery.


Pets are not just our playmates for entertainment, but more friends and lover. Therefore, the top gps dog trackers is the best choice for them a full range of protection. Pet's person and pets set up an invisible bond to let each other love each other.

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What is the Difference Between 2.4G and 5G WIFI?

When logging into your WiFi network,you'll notice two options available. You'll find a 2.4ghz option and a 5ghz option. These are two different frequency bands on your home network. You may have questions about how to choose between 2.4g and 5g?


The development of 2.4GHz and 5GHz WIFI:

The first generation of 802.11 only runs at 2.4GHz, and the ideal rate is 2M/s;

The second generation 802.11b only runs at 2.4GHz, and the ideal rate is 11M/s;

The third generation 802.11g/a, which runs at 2.4GHz and 5GHz respectively, with an ideal rate of 54M/s;

The fourth generation of 802.11n can run at 2.4GHz or 5GHz, and the ideal speed is 72M/s and 150M/s in the bandwidth of 20 and 40MHz;

The fifth generation 802.11ac(commonly known as 5G WIFI) only runs at 5GHz, and the ideal rate is 1GB/s;

IEEE 802.11 is a universal standard for wireless local area networks. It is a wireless network communication standard defined by the IEEE.

What is 2.4ghz and 5ghz band?

Wi-Fi 6 can support both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz, while Wi-Fi 5 only supports the 5G band, and Wi-Fi 4 only supports the 2.4G band. Common routers use both Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 4 protocol, so you can choose WIFI between 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

The 2.4G and 5G in Wi-Fi are radio frequency bands. 2.4G is an abbreviation for the 2.4GHz band, while 5G is the 5GHz band. A characteristic of wireless propagation is that the lower the frequency, the smaller the signal loss in the propagation, and the larger the range it can cover. The higher the frequency, the greater the signal loss during propagation, and the smaller the range that can be covered. In daily use, the main difference between 2.4G WIFI and 5G WIFI is in the transmission speed and stable connection.

The advantage of the 2.4G band is mainly that the indoor environment has better anti-attenuation capability than the 5G band, so it has a good ability to penetrate walls. Therefore, many people have larger indoor areas in their homes. If there are more rooms,sometimes the signal strength of the 2.4GHz on mobile devices is significantly better than the signal strength of the 5G band.

The advantage of the 5GHz wifi is that it has strong anti-interference ability, can provide larger bandwidth, higher transmission rate, and smaller delay. If the signal strength is good, the signal in the 5G band is preferred. The disadvantage of the 5G is that when encountering obstacles during transmission, the huge transmission loss, and the distance and range covered are not as wide as the 2.4G band.


Summary: The 2.4GHz band provides you with a longer range, while the 5GHz band provides more channels, and these channels are less subject to interference. When the signal strength of both frequency bands is good, the transmission rate of the 2.4GHz is not as high as that of the 5GHz. However, when there are many obstacles in space, the network quality in the 2.4G band may be better than the 5G band.

How to Use the 5GHz Band?

The first is whether the device supports 5GHz bands, including wireless routers and mobile device.

802.11a 5GHz; 802.11b 2.4GHz; 802.11g2.4GHz; 802.11n 2.4 / 5GHz; 802.11ac 5GHz supports the 5G band. It can be seen from the above that the wireless protocol supporting the 5G band can be checked in the parameters of the router or mobile device to see if it is supported the 5GHz Band.

How to enable 5GHz wireless network?

Log in to the router, and in the wireless settings, click the switch;

BASIC> Wireless: Enable SSID broadcast for each frequency band and configure different SSID for the two radios;

To avoid confusion 5GHz with 2.4GHz wireless, you can set a different wireless name or disable 2.4G.


The above is a detailed introduction of compare 2.4g and 5g internet to help you choose the best WIFI. You can place multiple router throughout your home, which is the easiest way to improve your network. Maybe you need a better router at wholesale prices, GEMWON can provide you. GEMWON is committed to providing electronics to add color to your life.

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The Best Car Mount for iPhone XS max 2020

I have a iPhone XR with slim case, and there are too many cell phone car mount options out there, what is the best one you find? With a car magnetic mount,it is convenient to place the iphone on a magnetic base and then easily remove it. So, you want to buy a best magnetic car mount for iphone?

The necessity of car wireless chargers is self-evident. More and more people like to use the time of driving for short-term charging, and long-distance driving car charger adapter is an indispensable device. Learn about car charging to buy the best car charger for your iphone.

If the car charging becomes wireless,it is undoubtedly a very convenient thing. The ideal product form should have both a car mount and wireless charging. The magnetic patch is stuck to the mobile phone, and the iphone is attracted to the magnetic stand, which achieve of the stand and wireless charging.


How to choose a wireless charger for your iPhone?

1. QI standard

Wireless charging has two major international standards. One is the QI standard of the Wireless Charging Alliance (WPC), and the other is AirFuel Alliance. These two standards have unified regulations on the performance, technical parameters, compatibility,and safety of wireless charging adapter, and have strict certification standards.

2. More than 10W power

As the technology becomes more mature,more and more people are pursuing charging speeds and buying a high-power wireless charger.  It is recommended that buy a wireless car charger with a power of 10W or more.

3. Higher conversion efficiency

There is a problem with the conversion efficiency of wireless chargers. The conversion efficiency of current wireless charger for iphone is mostly 60% -80%. Under the same conditions, the higher the efficiency, the faster the charging speed.

4. The temperature must be controllable

There will be a certain amount of power loss during the wireless charging, and the conversion of this part of the power into heat will keep the iphone and the wireless charger hot. It is well known that AirPower was abandoned by Apple because it could not solve this problem. A high-quality wireless charger, which can control the temperature below 40, and has a temperature control, automatically power off when the temperature is too high.

Best car wireless chargers Reviews and buying advice:

1. Baseus

Basel has two car chargers, one is a45W output with digital display, the other is a 30W output, both support PD Huawei Xiaomi and other fast charging protocols. The 30W output is only 5V/5A at the same time, and 45W can reach 5V/6A. The price is $5~$6.

30W Car Charger protocols include PD3.0, QC4.0 +, Huawei SCP, FCP, MTKPE, PPS30W, Apple 2.4A, and Samsung AFC.


ANKER has two car chargers, one is 33W and the other is 49.5W. But the prices are not cheap. This 33W car charger does not supporting Huawei's SCP and other protocols in the official. From the perspective of output voltage and current, it can only provide ordinary PD protocols.

Single port output:

USB-C1: 5V / 3A, 9V / 2A 18W Max

USB-A1: 5V / 2.4A, 9V / 1.67A, 12V /1.25A 15W Max

Total: 33W

Dual-port support

The 49.5W ANKER car charger supports more protocols than the above one, supporting Apple 2.4A, Samsung 5V/2A, PE and Huawei FCP. However, compared with Baseus, the supported protocols are still relatively few. It is important that the car charger C port of ANKER only supports the PD and APPLE protocols, and other protocols do not support it.This is a dual-port support for fast charging at the same time.

Single port output:

USB-C1: 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 15V/2A, 20V/1.5A30W Max

USB-A1: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A 18W Max

Total: 49.5W


3. iOttie Easy One Touch 4

For most people, the One Touch 4 is probably the best charger stand. It firmly supports the ii and has a sturdy suction cup, while the magnetic dashboard pad means you can mount it on a smooth surface. It's affordable, can be easily installed in a car's air vents without blocking airflow. Clip on the side of your iPhone XS, XR, 8 or 8 Plus to provide a firm fit and you don't have to worry about the iphone falling off while driving.


Wireless car charging has a small magnetic ring paste to the iPhone case.You can adjust the iPhone in any way you like without letting the iPhone fall.Or the iphone is pinched by a retractable stand for car charger, so that the iPhone is fixed at a certain height without slipping.


These are the best fast wireless car charger for iphone x, iPhone XR, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, etc. They will help you see directions and more information anytime, anywhere while you are driving.

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What is the Best Phone Charger Fit South Africa

Animal lovers will want to go to South Africa and experience the magnificent group of hippos crossing the road and the domineering animal king in the African nature reserve. South Africa attracts thousands of tourists every year, and they all want to discover and explore the nature. To make sure you can see everything in South Africa, all you have to do is to get a South Africa plug adapter best buy.


The type of power adapter,converter or charger you need to visit South Africa will depend entirely on the voltage and type of equipment you want to use with the South African power outlet. Travel adapter, the device can simply plug any appliance into a foreign power outlet but it does not convert voltage or frequency.

South Africa uses 230V power supply voltage and 50Hz power supply. For devices with double rated voltage, if the device body or its power supply will display "INPUT:110-240V". This means that you will not need a converter or transformer,but only a travel adapter, because South Africa operates with a 230V supply voltage, which is in the 110-240V range for dual voltage appliances.

Can I be using us electronics in south Africa?

If you are traveling from the United States to South Africa, you need to prepare a plug converter for your journey, and you also need to consider the transformer. Because the United States uses a low voltage of 110V 60Hz, and South Africa uses a high voltage of 230V 50Hz. So, if your device is not a wide voltage, you need to buy a transformer for South Africa, if your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, etc. are usually used Wide voltage equipment does not require a transformer.

And if you are traveling from China to South Africa, there is no need to use transformers. Because China uses a high voltage of 220V 50Hz, which is not much different from the voltage frequency of South Africa, it will not be affected using in a short time. You just need to bring an M-type travel adapter, as most South Africans will use an M-type power outlet.

The socket in South Africa:


Plug type in South Africa:


Universal South Africa Travel Adapter:

Standard: The South African plug uses the BS546 standard, which does not contain a fuse.

Travel adapter for in South Africa:

1. Universal South Africa conversion plug WP-10L:

Convert South African plugs into universal sockets for a wide range of standards in many countries.


2. Multi conversion adapter wp-203:


This combined multi functional conversion adapter is a universal conversion plug. This wp-203 can be split and combined at will, and the plug can be freely switched by pressing the buttons on both sides, which is suitable for South Africa sockets.

A simple travel adapter can only be used in a single country where it is designed, so if you need to travel to multiple countries, you may need to pack another plug standard. A World Power Plug Adapter Travel Set or dual voltage travel adapter, designed for use in multiple countries due to its interchangeable socket parts.

South Africa conversion socket use area: South Africa, Sri Lanka, Chad, Ghana, Bahrain, Mauritius, Somalia.

Adapter for South Africa where to buy

We do not provide power conversion adapters. We refer you to Amazon, where you will find a large number of South Africa travel adapters. Because you may also need a voltage converter, you should consider using a combined power plug adapter / voltage converter. At the same time, if you are driving in South Africa, we recommend that you use a wireless car charger, which is convenient and simple.

Low-power wireless charging often uses electromagnetic induction, such as the Qi standard for charging iPhone. Simply placing the phone on the charging mount can achieve charging without any trouble of the charging cable.


Because the voltage and plug standards are different in countries around the world, be sure to prepare a conversion plug before going abroad to avoid the need. When you charging phone in south Africa, please strictly refer to and follow the instructions for use of the transformer and pay attention to the safety of electricity to avoid damage to the appliance or a more serious accident.

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How to Choose LED Ceiling Light

When we choose a lamp, we don't need to pursue a gorgeous appearance. Ceiling lamp can be a creative and economical choice. Then let's learn how to choose the best led ceiling lights? Buy a suitable ceiling lights for different rooms, so that the ceiling lights add colour to your room.


The lamps are composed of three parts: the lamp body, the light source and the electrical appliances. According to the light source used, most ceiling lamps can be divided into ordinary incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps and LED lamps. Ceiling lamps with different light source are suitable for different places. Generally,LED ceiling lights should be the priority choice for home.

How to choose the right led ceiling lights?

Ceiling light size guide

The size of the bedroom's space varies. When choosing a ceiling light, you need to grasp the matching principles in size and power of ceiling light. On the one hand, the ceiling light is large or small will affect the visual experience. On the other hand,it is necessary to determine the power of the ceiling lamp based on the principle of creating a comfortable and relaxing lighting.

Generally, if it is a small bedroom of 5-10, you can choose a ceiling lamp with a chassis size of less than 350mm and a power of 12w or 18w. If it is a large bedroom of 10-16, it is more suitable for a ceiling lights with power of 24w and a chassis size of about 400mm.


A large bedroom of 16 is equipped with 24w LED ceiling lights. It has a large power to meet the lighting of large spaces. At the same time, the chassis size is 400mm, so that the roof does not look empty. After installing ceiling lights in the living room, it is better to install some auxiliary lights such as down lights and spotlights to help lighting.

Ceiling lights for family room

Choose rectangular or square best led ceiling lights for living room to make the space look wider. For the kitchen and bathroom, it is generally suitable with the square ceiling light.It is recommended that you choose a round mount ceiling lamps for bedroom. The circular ceiling lamp can give people a soft feeling, can ease people's psychological pressure, and thus help to relax and rest.


Smart LED Dimmable ceiling light with Bluetooth Speaker

Different requirements for the colour temperature of the bedroom lights, in order to better meet the lighting needs. Dimmable ceiling lights can meet the needs for different lights.

Multiple colour temperature

If you are tired of monotonous white or yellow light, why not equip your bedroom with changing colour RGB ceiling lights? This colourful LED ceiling light is a very good choice. This ceiling light has three colour temperatures of 3000K, 4000K and 5700K, which can be adjusted according to different lighting requirements.

When you want to relax, adjust the colour temperature of the LED ceiling lamp to 3000K. The soft light helps to relax your mind and body.

When working or studying, you can adjust its colour temperature to 4000K, with clear vision without glare. If you want to clean up bedroom and pack things, you can adjust its to 5700k, the light is brighter and easier to find anything.


Application control

It can control the brightness, RGB colour and colour temperature of lights through mobile phone application. You can also choose to set multiple lighting scenes, which is very convenient and makes your home life more comfortable and freer.


Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker

You can relax with the Music Sync Bluetooth Speaker that comes with the ceiling lamp, which is very convenient when you fall asleep and want to relax in bed.

Smart color change

This ceiling lamp has built-in Bluetooth speakers. The highlight is that the colour of the light can be synchronized with the music beat. If the song has an exciting rhythm, the colors can change bright and cheerful.

Above is how to buy led ceiling light with Bluetooth speaker. We provide a list of factors to consider when purchasing types of ceiling lights.

Now we believe you know howto choose the best LED flush mount ceiling light at GEMWON. GEMWON can provide you with professional smart Led bulbs and smart home accessories at wholesale price. If you encounter any problems when buying ceiling lamps, please contact us.

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The Best Home Security Cameras Reviews for 2020

Buying a smart camera has become the choice of most people. It is difficult for ordinary consumers to tell the difference between these cameras. How to choose cheap wireless security cameras? This article will provide some tips for choosing a smart security camera.


The Strategy Analytics Smart Home Strategy (SHS) research report analyses the growth rate of smart camera sales and consumer spending by 2023 in the face of falling purchase prices and increased demand for video doorbells.Smart cameras from Wyze, Xiaomi, Kasa Smart, Ring, EZVIZ, Zmodo, and dozens of brands will drive sales.

Part 1: Installing home security cameras DIY?

1. Determine the installation area, so that the installation position of the camera can be determined to achieve the best monitoring effect. The camera is recommended to be installed at a height of 3-5 meters.

2. After selecting the appropriate position, first use the camera bracket to measure the place to be installed, punch holes in the corresponding position or fix it with self-tapping.

3. Fix the camera bracket with self-tapping. Note that it must be fixed firmly, otherwise the camera will be shaken.

4. After the camera bracket is fixed, fix the camera on the bracket, and adjust the camera angle according to the area to be monitored.

5. After the camera is installed, you can start wiring. The camera has a power cable and a signal cable. The power cable is powered by a 12v 2a power supply, and the network camera uses a network cable or WIFI connection.

6. If there is no problem with the camera, power supply, etc., then the camera screen can display.


Steps to connect the security camera to the phone

Step 1: Download the software for controlling the security camera on the mobile phone. Generally, this app is developed by the camera vendor itself.Different brands of cameras have different control apps, so few can be universal.

Step 2: After the camera is plugged in, wait for a while, the camera will issue a voice prompt waiting for connection. At this time, open the mobile phone software and select Smart Online.

Note: When connecting, make sure that the camera and the mobile phone are on the same wireless network, otherwise the connection could not be completed.

Step 3: Follow the software prompts, enter the WIFI password, and connect. When the connection is successful, enter the device password.

Step 4: At this time, you can click the interface, and you can monitor remotely.


Part 2: How to choose home security cameras?

Image Quality

Most home security cameras use H.264. H.265 has advantages in sharpness and video file compression. Video compression efficiency is doubled. The resolution is doubled at the same bandwidth. The same image quality and bandwidth consumption can save 50%, and the recording time in the same storage space increases by 100%.

Night vision function

Even in the dark, you can see if your child is asleep by the camera,instead of worrying about the child waking up multiple times in the middle of the night.

Motion tracker

Movement tracking can detect the animals shape intelligently, and the recognition is more accurate. When AI recognizes that the human silhouette moves, it automatically starts tracking shooting. At the same time, it supports intelligent abnormal sound detection and listens to identify the baby crying and abnormal sound. Keep track of your pet's every move when you're not home.


Cloud storage

Sync important videos to the cloud with one click and save them permanently.

Viewing angle

The larger the viewing angle, the more space at home you can observe.

Call function

By downloading the corresponding APP and connecting to the camera after entering the network, users can easily see the content captured by the camera on the mobile phone. Even if you are not at home, you can view the situation at home in real time. With the functions of panoramic cruise and voice intercom,you can understand the situation at home and maintain good communication.

Xiaomi Xiaobai Smart home camera

The overall shape is streamlined and round, with a white body, smart and intimate. Using SABIC substrate, comfortable feel, equipped with Ø 0.8mm CNC large-scale horn holes, no round corners fine arrangement, and the use of coated glass lenses makes the lens highly transparent and very scratch resistant. Such exquisite design and cute appearance will make you fall in love with it soon!


The reset button is set in a very convenient place. The reset button to the left of the USB interface on the back is more convenient than the reset hole. The right side of the USB port provides a TF card slot, which supports up to 64G.

  • Supports NAS storage, which can transfer historical videos to storage devices such as routers / NAS at home for permanent storage.

You can use voice chat and control Mijia related products to switch on and off. Through highly sensitive dual MIC, you can realize 180° front direction sound identification and steering, and the rotation motor is set to rotate at 90°/s.

  • 360° panoramic monitoring, warming every corner of the home.
  • Voice and video calls, always attentive.
  • It is the best love to be with the family at all times. Xiaobai smart security camera supports two-way voice and video call function. Both parties can open the intercom call of Xiaobai smart camera when using it.
  • Personalized customized monitoring, Xiaobai smart camera can not only ac company you, but also be your personal care keeper.
  • Start Smart Housekeeping Assistant, you can set up care for different corners of the house in different time, whistle guarding the home in all directions.
  • Infrared night vision, Xiaobai smart camera has 10 940nm non-light pollution infrared supplementary lights,use mobile phones to check the situation of your home at night.

Wyze Cam Pan

Wyze Cam is a $ 35 security camera with image quality up to 1080P and videos can be stored on cloud disks. Wyze provides a lot of free cloud storage space. The camera base is a rotatable disk that can rotate in the direction of a person or pet.

wyze has 1080P sensor, night vision function, two-way microphone and speaker, and motion detection function. There is also a Micro SD card that can store recorded videos and two weeks of free video cloud storage.


This compact Wi-Fi security monitor scans the entire room in just three seconds. You can use the Pan Scan feature to adjust settings to automatically scan areas that meet your requirements.

Wyze Cam's motion tracking is also cool. If a child or dog is running in the room, the camera will track all the movements.

The security cameras for home introduced above not only achieves a full-featured and intelligent experience, but also catch your eyes with a cute appearance at once. Their prices are around $ 35, which is definitely the most affordable price and the most valuable to you.

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How to Buy the Best Home Security Cameras

Intelligent security cameras for home suitable for home use, in addition to monitoring functions with most cameras, it also adds remote care, infrared night vision and two-way voice call functions. How do we choose a suitable smart ip camera simple home monitoring?


As an important part of intelligent security system, smart monitor is an indispensable device in smart home.

Ordinary cameras can record images and videos on the local or hard disk recorder. The smart monitor adds intelligent functions on the basis of ordinary cameras and has more powerful software. It can realize device linkage, motion tracker, human detection, voice intercom, cloud storage and more under the control of mobile phone apps or other methods Functions.

What to look for when buying home security cameras?

There are many types of smart security cameras on the market, and their quality and functions are different. So what aspects should be considered when choosing a smart monitor?


The angle of view is the field of view of the camera, which is mainly determined by the focal length of the lens. There are different focal lengths such as 2.8 mm, 4 mm, and 6 mm. The larger the focal length, the smaller the viewing angle.

Because the concept of focal length is not intuitive for users, smart security camera generally also indicates the viewing angle range and the distance suitable for monitoring.

The larger the viewing angle, the more objects you see at the same distance, and the larger the picture range, but the general picture distortion is more serious, and it is difficult to recognize small objects. The smaller the angle of view, the fewer objects you see, the smaller the picture range,and the stronger the ability to distinguish small objects in the image. So, for the perspective, you should choose according to the scope of you want to monitor.



Resolution refers to the pixel density of the camera, which largely determines the sharpness of the camera.Common smart security camera resolutions are: 480p, 720p, 960p and 1080p. The mainstream products on the market are 720p wireless wifi ip camera and 1080p,both of which have good definition. Of course, 1080p ip camera is better, and the resolution is generally around 1920*1080, which is what we usually call "full HD", and the price will be more expensive.

Different resolutions have different requirements for network and storage space. The higher the resolution, the more storage space the videos recorded in the same time will occupy, and the higher the network transmission requirements for video transmission. The data amount of 720p wireless wifi ip camera is about three times that of 480p.

Security Camera Surveillance Gimbal

The function of the PTZ is to allow the camera to rotate up, down, left and right, so that you can use the camera to view more area. Some PTZ cameras can realize 360-degree rotation,that is, the camera can be rotated to achieve video monitor. The security camera gimbal is more flexible, but it can only monitor one location at a time,so it is not suitable for the area that needs to be monitored around the clock.


Storage Method

There are three store ways of smart security camera, there is local storage, local NAS, and cloud storage.

The storage of local storage is the simplest. It only needs to insert a memory card into the camera housing. It does not need to occupy the network bandwidth. The disadvantage is that when the camera is lost, the records will be lost and video transmission is inconvenient.

The local NAS or hard disk video recorder (NVR) is to record the video data of the camera in the same intermediate NAS or hard disk recorder. To occupy the bandwidth of the disk, if loss of the camera will not cause the loss of video, but the NAS or hard disk needs to be added.

Cloud storage uploads the video data of the security camera to the cloud server in real time. It needs to occupy the network bandwidth of the home. At the same time, because of the storage space of the manufacturer's server is limited, cloud storage generally needs to be selected. Its advantage lies in the security of the stored data, even if the camera in the home is lost or the hard disk recorder is damaged, it will not affect the important video data.

Each of the three storage methods has advantages and disadvantages, and most of the intelligent surveillance cameras also support two or more storage methods. Users can choose one or more storage methods according to needs.


Motion Detection

Motion detection means that the camera can automatically identify the moving objects in the captured image to achieve security alarms and reduce the amount of stored data. At present,mainstream smart security cameras have a motion detection function, and the sensitivity of the motion detection function can be set. In terms of applications such as home monitoring, shop monitoring, and baby care. With some application, it can capture the movement of objects and send alerts to the phone. Achieve monitoring of home security.


Night Vision

The night vision capability of the home security camera is generally achieved by the infrared light supplement. At night or when the brightness is dark, the camera cannot receive enough light, so it can turn on the infrared light, because humans cannot see the infrared light, so there is no light pollution.


The maximum infrared distance is an important parameter index in the case of night vision, which mainly represents how far an object can be seen by the camera at night.

Voice Calls

Smart security cameras generally have a voice call function. You can seethe camera display and sound remotely through the mobile phone APP. At the same time, you can talk to the mobile phone microphone to transmit the voice to your home monitor.


The wireless security camera is small and convenient, no wiring required, and it can work in the network coverage area without being limited by space and layout.

Users only need to set the firmware and related applications, they can check the real-time situation in the home at any time through the mobile phone application, and they can also check the previously recorded videos through playback.

In addition, the wireless ip security cameras can also be connected to smart home systems such as smart doorbell, window magnets, and infrared detectors at home, and the linkage equipment can protect the home's safety in all aspects.


There is no doubt that the use of smart surveillance cameras has been expanded. Whether it is used to take care of pets, parents, children at home,etc., buy indoor security cameras can allow you easily implement home monitoring. We will recommend the best smart home camera for you in the next article.

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What is the Best Children's LED Drawing Board

The painting copy table is also called the led drawing board and the write-through station is mainly composed of acrylic materials. When using led drawing board for kids, place the original on the copy table, then take normal A4 printing paper or drawing on top of the original, plug in the power to light up the copy table, and adjust to the brightness and you can create your artwork.


What is alight board for drawing?

Early copying desks were mostly inlaid with a glass on a wooden table panel, with candles and oil lamps as the main light bulb. Later, some people changed the light source to an incandescent lamp. This is an early copying desk. Traditional light transmission equipment is made of wood, with lamps inside. Until now, the development of technology can give us a thin LED light board, connect to the USB power of the computer and start working.

It is a professional tool for making comics and cartoon in the early days. It is now mostly used in the field of hand-painted, cartoon design and illustration. The light of the LED light can be adjusted. When painter use them, they can overlay multiple artwork together, and they can clearly see the pictures on the led drawing board and copy them to the paper.

Animators can be used to draw decomposition actions. You can stack 7, 8 sheets of paper in succession, and draw 7, 8 decomposition pictures in succession. Cartoonists can also easily portray drafts as official drafts, so the light drawing board is one of the necessary tools for professional cartoonists. It enables architects and artists to paint with greater precision.

Many beginners in painting start from copying. Light drawing board for kids is more effective for children to learn painting with a copy table, which can help them understand and learning. At the same time, diversified will also make children full of interest in painting learning.

How to use alight board for drawing?

1. Put an original on the first layer of the copying table, and then put another piece of drawing paper or normal A4 printing paper on top of the original (second layer), then plug it in and light up the copy board.


2. After adjusting the brightness, you can clearly see the pattern on the original, just follow the pattern on the paper to copy it.


3. Follow the lines on the original to copy, copy the entire pattern,turn off the light source, and take the drawing paper and the original to compare the two patterns.

The role of LED copy board:

1. Cartoon and comic production teams and individuals.

2. Anime creation enthusiasts.

3. Painting training classroom for animation teaching.

4. Professional interior, architecture, clothing design and drawing.

At present, it has many applications in painting and cartoon making and is an indispensable tool.


How to choose the best light boxes for artists?


Do you need to carry a light box with you? If so, you should consider of purchasing an a4 led drawing light box. This is a good choice for relatively lightweight portable items that fit seamlessly into your backpack.



The U-clip can be firmly fixed on the drawing board. The colour and brightness of the LED panel can be adjusted. It can be adjusted to the light feeling close to the daylight or the most comfortable light for your eyes.


As a regular beginner painter or illustrator, you may need an easier to use drawing box. Some even come with swivel fixing brackets, in which you can lock the light box in place and rotate it for a better drawing angle.

You know what kind of LED light box you want to buy and your budget is limited, then I will help you find the perfect painting light box.

LED Tracing Light pad for Kids

Diamond painting A4 LED light pad dimmable tracing light board flat plate with light box pad bracket, 12 coloured pencils and adapters, suitable for artists, painting, sketching, animation.


Light box Laptop Stand: Adjust 6 angles and the non-slip traction stand helps work better on Aircraft traction light boards.

Simple power: Easy to connect USB ports, such as computers, adapters, wall sockets and mobile power.

Touch-sensitive switch design: Light touch screen off / on, can maintain light touch to adjust brightness.

Children's LED light drawing pad: Light Box laptop stand, 1 pencil, 12 coloured pencils, 20 A4 paper, 1 usb adapter, etc. LED board ensures low energy consumption and lifespan up to 50000 hours.


The A4 LED light traction plate is made of acrylic (plexiglass) panel,stylish and durable.

The light board is made of environmentally friendly materials, with built-in flicker-free and bright LED lights. The light guide plate can filter harmful rays and protect the eyes for a long time.

Tracing light boards provide the most comfortable lighting environment for sketching and painting, 2D animation, architectural design, industrial design, sewing projects, cartoon design, X-ray viewing and more.

Easy to use, versatile, novel and fun, suitable for drawing beginners and children to learn painting.

Light Pad for Diamond Painting

Diamond painting roller ---- durable PP handle and PC roller surface production, smooth scrolling experience. It is very suitable for pressing the roller for diamond spraying, which effectively helps the diamond paint bead to stick to the canvas.

Practical diamond painting tools ---- easy to capture diamonds, make diamond painting easier, and nail pencils can be attached to nail diamonds or mobile phone decoration stickers tools. More suitable for decorative panel painting.


In addition to being great for painting and drawing, photographers can also use light boxes to view slides or negatives. They can be used for other purposes, such as scrap booking and other creative activities, very useful, such as calligraphy, silk screen printing, embroidery, sewing, etc., and the possibilities are endless!


Anime character painting or diamond painting, decorative painting,follow the outline of the image or picture using the light box will get better results than not using it. This light drawing board reviews needs can be met at GEMWON,we are committed to providing you with quality products for children's education.

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