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How to Buy the Best Budget Action Camera 2019

Due to the rise of outdoor sports, sports bracelets, sport APPs, etc. have also become popular. The sports camera can be fixed on the bicycle and helmet. It can take photos and videos in the water and sport. How to buy sport camera full HD 1080p waterproof?


Howto Choose an Action Camera?


Even if you don't do diving, the rain will penetrate and destroy the camera. In fact, in outdoor sports,especially when riding, you still need a waterproof sports camera.


At present, many sports camera shave many well-known products, although the price will be more expensive, but the same will have a good quality.


Some sports cameras are known as 4K, and the actual effect is only 2.7K, or even only 1080P. So before purchasing, make sure the action camera resolution is 1080p. Some of the cheaper cameras even have 4K resolution.

4.Anti-shake effect

Most sports cameras take motion cameras and handheld shooting, and anti-shake is extremely important. At present, the best motion camera is 6-axis anti-shake, and it must support 4K anti-shake. In the shooting of large scenes and special sports, it is possible to make more images into the lens and capture more clearly.

5.Screen parameters

Some sports cameras use the 2" screen, but the screen is very inferior, the colour is yellowish, and the colour reproduction is poor.

6.Memory card

You need the fastest memory card and the largest capacity memory card for the best performance of your sports camera. A card that does not have a fast enough write speed can cause frame loss, which can cause jittering picture.

The camera you choose is best supported by the UHS-II standard, which enables write speeds of up to 312 MB/son most cards.

What to look for in an action camera?

The motion camera appears for sports shooting. Under the sport shooting conditions, shooting devices such as smart phones and digital cameras cannot shoot stably in many sports environments, such as in high altitude or deep-water environments.

Action cameras can solve these problems. It is a portable, compact, dust-proof, shock-proof, and waterproof camera that allows sportsman to shoot with motion cameras in extreme sports.

How to use 4k ultra HD action camera:

Here, we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to use action camera?

The following are common methods of using a sports camera.

1. Control the camera through the phone app: After downloading the mobile app, open the action camera and press the camera's wifi switch. Then open the corresponding app on your phone and connect to the camera wifi. After successfully connecting the camera to the phone, we can use the app to take photos, videos and snapshots.

2. Operate the camera: Press the power button to turn on the camera. The default shooting mode is normal photo shooting. We only need to press the shooting button to take the desired photo.If you want to switch the shooting mode, we can press the key to switch the camera to video or snapshot mode, then press the capture button to shoot.


How to use Go Pro sports camera

On the camera body, there is around "POWER / MODE (button) button, long press for two seconds, the camera is turned on. After booting, the default shooting mode is "Recording" mode. Press the red button (shutter/select button) at the top of the camera to start recording. When you finish recording, press the button again.

If you want to switch the shooting mode, we can switch modes by long pressing the power on/mode button.

There are 3 modes: video, photo,and continuous shooting.

In different modes, Go Pro also provides us with a variety of shooting options, such as time-lapse shooting, night shooting, high-speed shooting, etc. At the same time, through this button, we can also enter the camera's setting mode and make some basic settings.

Sport action camera reviews

The shape of the action camera is becoming smaller and smaller, and the performance in terms of resolution and frame rate is getting stronger. However, they are also developing other new "skills", such as communicating with external sensors or performing video editing tasks on the device. Here are a few sport action camera reviews and accessories to help sports fans choose the best action camera.

Samsung Gear 360°panoramic camera

The second generation of Gear 360 is "cute". It is basically white, the upper part of the cylindrical body is a bulbous "head", and the two camera lenses are located in the "head".


Unlike the first-generation Gear 360, the second-generation Gear 360 handle makes it much easier to hold, and you don't need a selfie stick to operate the camera.

Sony HDR-AS50 action cam

The Action Cam HDR-AS50 is still the design of the Action Cam in its overall appearance, but the body shell is black matte. Camera specifications are not equipped with 4K video recording, up to 1080P@60fps and 720P@120fps, and the sensor uses a 1/2.3-inch 11-megapixel Exmor R sensor.


As an outdoor sports camera, in terms of protection, SONY's products are the same as GoPro, and will provide an extra waterproof case. Sony said that under the standard waterproof shell support, the HDR-AS50 supports 60 meters of water, 1.5 meters of drop and 10 below zero in Celsius.

GoPro HERO 7

The product uses a 12-megapixel camera with a front and rear dual-screen design, and a rear 2-inch screen for touch and GPS support.


Weight and size, weight 116g, size 62.3*44.9*33 mm. At the same time, the voice interaction and video live broadcast function is added, and the GoPro HERO 7 Black can be operated by voice command. The mobile phone can be connected to the camera to transmit the video in real time.

Video capture, capable of shooting 4K 60fps or 2.7K 120fps video with a maximum bit rate of 78mb/s.Compared with other sports cameras that require a waterproof case, this GoPro supports underwater shooting of 10 meters without action camera waterproof case.

HD Action camera

  • HD Action camera 4K 30Fps, 16MP WIFI Camera, 1080P 60fps waterproof Cam,Helmet Bike Cam Sport Video camera
  • With a waterproof casing, allow you to film 30 meters under water scene. HD screen display for convenient videos and image playback.
  • Detachable battery for easy replacement and helps extend product lifespan. HD 12 Megapixel wide angle lens.
  • Supports Multiple video recording formats: 4K/2.7K/1080FHD/720P/ WVGA/VGA/QVGA.
  • Supports multiple photo shooting modes: Single shot & Snapper.
  • WIFI function, the user can operations or review via smart phone or computer.
  • For just $7 you can have a waterproof sports camera for beginner.


What is your favourite sports camera?These types of cameras have excellent ability to capture moving images. As anew sportsman, you may have a lot of doubts about action camera for beginners.The above is hoped to help you. You are welcome to share this article with more sports enthusiast.

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How to Buy Smart Watch Online

Smart watches not only have the basic functions of time display, but also have major functions such as GPS, voice calling and physical activity data. The novelty looks suit the fashion needs of young people and is also suitable for parents to buy smart watch for child. This article tells you best cheap smartwatch 2019.


Smart watches vs Traditional Watches

Operating systems

Smart watches have a variety of operating systems, but they all need to be used with mobile phones. Therefore, it is necessary to connect via Bluetooth and mobile phones, and install software to manage watches.



The advantage of a smart watch is that the dial can be replaced at will. Whether it is mechanical retro or trendy. In addition, the watch screen can be selected to be always on, as with traditional watches, or you can choose to brighten when the hand is raised. Some commonly used features can be customized as needed.


When you need to record your daily sports, using a smart watch is a good choice. A powerful watch will not only record your steps, climb the number of stairs, but also record the heart rate. It also reminds you that you need exercise at the right time. Therefore, the reminder and notification functions of the smartwatch should be turned on to achieve the best fitness function.


When you connect your phone and watch via Bluetooth, you will be transferred to your watch when you call, and you can answer and talk directly with your watch. Use your watch to view text messages or notifications without missing important things.

How to pair smartwatch with iPhone?

Use your mobile phone to search and download the app.

Connect your phone to the watch with Bluetooth.

Press the watch's power to light the screen.

Slide the screen left and right to switch between applications such as status and sports.

The dial and the application can be changed in the settings.

Here we take Apple iWatch as an example.

The operation of other smart watches and Android phone will be easier.


1. The first thing you have to do with Apple Watch is to charge it. Once you're fully charged, you can turn it on: Press and hold the side button for two to three seconds, and an Apple logo will appear on the screen.

2. After booting up, select the language and you will be prompted to open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Click "Start Pairing" on the Apple Watch. When you click Match, a blue animation will appear on the screen.

3. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and select  "Start Pairing".

Here you have two options to match:

(1) Automatic matching: You need to put your phone on the Apple Watch, make sure that the Apple Watch is in the yellow border on the iPhone screen, and then it will automatically match.

(2) You can also choose to manually match: hold down the white "i" in the lower right corner of the Apple Watch screen, the name (number) of your Apple Watch will appear on the screen, and then select "Manually Match Apple Watch" on the iPhone. Then enter the number you just saw on the Apple Watch.

After completing the above steps, your Apple Watch will pair the iPhone.

Howto Choose the Right Smartwatch for You?


Since smart watches rarely involve a lot of program operations, the performance requirements are not high for smart watches. The difference between smart watch chips is mainly to see if there is any help for battery life.

Estimated battery life

Estimated Battery Life is an important consideration for smart watches. For most smartwatches, it is already the most optimistic that the battery can be used for one day.


Operating system

iPhone can not only use iWatch, but also use many smart watches of android system. Android phones can't use iWatch,only can pairing with other watches.

The system type of the smart watch determines the system maintenance frequency,application ecology and so on.

Among them, Samsung watches use Tizen system, Huawei uses LiteOS and so on. Among the smart watches, the best performance of the system is Apple Watch.

The Watch OS is smooth, easy to use, rich in software support, and deeply interactive with iOS. There is no doubt that Apple Watch is the best choice for iOS users.

For Android mobile phone users, there are a lot of choices. Huawei, Samsung, Huami,and Glory, the products have their own highlights.

Round dial VS square dial

If you only feel from the touch, Apple Touch's screen touch is the best in current smart watches. It also benefits from its square dial design, and the soft curves around the screen make the fingers more comfortable when touching the screen.

From a visual point, I still think that the watch with a round dial looks better because it looks more natural and beautiful, which is also in line with the aesthetic appearance of traditional watches.


Sport record

Most smart watches support a wide range of modes such as indoor running, outdoor walking, indoor training, outdoor riding and more. In the movement, the user will also be provided with corresponding data collection and data display functions. For those who love sports or are busy with work, it will help you understand your physical activity and improve in time.

Best smart watch for girls:

1. Apple Watch Series 4


Feels great to wear

Screen is gorgeous

Huge amount of strap options

Fantastic array of fitness and health features

It motivates you so well to be active



It won't last multiple days without needing a charge

Still won't track sleep natively

Very expensive



Ceramic bezel

Novel and stylish

eSIM card

Dual payment mode

Fast charging




Full charge available time is short

3. T7 business fashion watch

T7 Smart Watch Business Fashion Metal Leather Bring Reminder Smart Bracelet For Men And Women. It will bring you a lot of surprises.

1. Bluetooth chip 4.0, 1.22-inch color full circle display

2. The host zinc alloy material, metal or leather strap

3. Touch operation, magnetic charging

4. Battery 180mAh, charging 2H, normal use 7 days or so

5. Equipment requirements: Android 4.4, IOS8.0 and newer system

6. Support Chinese, English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean 13 languages such as Germany

7. Sports records (pedometer, calorie burning, mileage, can display the trend chart of each time period)

8. Sleep monitoring (can show the trend of sleep quality trend per time period)

9. Shake a photo, alarm reminder, find the phone, stopwatch function

10. Support calls, SMS reminders, WeChat reminder

11. With blood pressure, blood oxygen, fatigue, heart rate monitoring function,touch button function

12. Bracelet multi-dial switch, GPS track record


You can get this
Exquisite business smart watch and buy smart watches in bulk price at GEMWON.

All products are produced and designed in China. You can buy your favorite smartwatches with the fastest shipping and low prices all over the world.At the same time, GEMWON provides all the teaching and after-sales services, so that you no longer have any confusions about your smart watch.


For most people, the T7 business fashion watch is a great choice. You can get a smart and stylish smart watch for $20, you don't need to spend nearly $1799 to buy an iWatch. How to choose the best smartwatch? It is a priority to consider the needs of the smart watch function and the budget you can afford.

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How does a 3D printing pen work?

How to using a 3d printing pen? What can 3d printing pen do?

It is a pen that makes dreams come true.

It is a pen that breaks the traditional painting methodology, letting the lines of your pen fly out and solidify in the air.

When you have finished your work, it can be presented in front of you.


The 3D printing pen is a necessary tool for children and art painters.It is also the best educational product for parents to get their kids out of the Internet and games.

Freedom of thought, the collision of thought and freedom, let the child's imagination, creativity, and thinking fly infinitely.

Turning your dreams into reality is a meaningful thing!

There is a pen that lets you paint in the air!

How does a 3d printing pen work?

When you use it to graffiti in the air, it squeezes out heated plastic,which quickly cools and solidifies into a stable structure. This makes it easy to build shapes and items! Most people can paint on paper immediately, and after hours of practice, you can draw more complex shapes.

How to Use A 3D Printing Pen?

The material used in 3D printing pens is "photosensitive resin", which is a commonly used material in 3D printing. Immediately caused by a certain wavelength of ultraviolet light, the material is safer and environmentally, and each material can draw at least 21 meters.


First prepare the work: Unscrew the pen and put in the consumables.

Install the print pen.

Press and hold the button on the top of the pen to turn it on and adjust the ink speed.



First, take out the drawing card.

Press the speed control button on the top of the pen to adjust the paint flow rate and draw along the outline of the drawing.

As the pigment continues to spurt, the liquid pigment condenses into a solid under the light, and the "bicycle tire" contour becomes clearer. For the unsatisfactory place, it can be repeatedly painted, and finally a "bicycle tire" is born.


The 3D print can be removed by gently moving the drawing.

Next, all the parts other than "bicycle tires" are outlined in the above way. After the completion,the splicing is carried out, and the splicing method is also very simple, and the pigment is applied to the port of the parts.


This gadget is almost magical because you can draw a 3D object in the air. So, what is the best 3d printing pen?


3D printing pen at GEMWON

This pen uses ABS plastic to help you "paint" on any surface and even paint in the air. It is compact and requires no computer or software support.

You only need to power on, and when the material reaches a certain temperature, you can start your painting creation.

We have provided you with a variety of colors 3D printing materials and 3D printing pens that are easy to use. You only need to get started and teach your child to use it to develop a rich and vivid world in children's eyes.


3D printing technology for science

The 3D printing pen can be painted in the air, which means that the written things can become reality and create a 3D structure. In the hands of architects, you can draw a design-rich building. Art students can record inspiration in their minds, making work and study simple and colourful.

In addition, the scientist also printed the human heart for the first time through 3D printing technology, which is a very big achievement for medical research and promotes the development of medicine. Are you interested in 3d printing pen drawing?

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How to Create Smart Lighting at Home

The "smart light" in the new life not only serves as a lighting device, but also gives the lamp a new function. Smart lights are new smart devices with smart control, lighting effects, creation, light and music interaction, and how to build a smart home system?


What is a smart lighting kit?

Ordinary light bulbs are controlled by physical switches, but LED lamps are usually connected to your home via WIFI and then connected to your Alexa or other intelligent system. You can control light by voice, phone application and timers. In addition to smart switch, you can set to any color or brightness level you like.

What can smart light bulb do?

1. Intelligent remote control. Compared with traditional lighting,Intelligent light can touch screen dimming, one-button scene, remote control and partition lighting management.

2. Wireless control. It can realize wireless control, timing control,remote control distance greater than 50 meters, and can cross walls and floors.In terms of switch control, the remote control can be manually or timed, and can adjust the brightness and colour of the light.

3. Scene control. With just one touch of the remote control, you can sit on the couch and control all the fixtures in your home and adjust the brightness at will. Set up scenes for guests, meals, audio-visual, leisure, and entertainment.


Different life scenes are matched with different lighting effects, and the smart lights have lighting effects such as living, falling asleep,awakening, dining, love, music, phototherapy and the like. No matter what kind of life scene and mood, you can choose the right lighting effect of smart light system for home.

How to use smart lighting to build a smart home?

Create smart home systems by controlling your home's lighting through voice, mobile apps, and remote controls.

How to install smart light bulbs:

1. All you have to do is make sure the smart bulbs work with your smart home system and they fit your existing lamp holder.

2. You are free to design lighting according to your own ideas, you can paste them around the wall, top, bottom and even inside.

3. Connect it all to your Alexa / Google Assistant.

4. Download the app for the smart light.

5. Use the app to connect the light bulb or controller to your home Wi-Fi.

6. Search for the device on the smart home hub and connect to it.

7. Use smart device to control the lights.

For most lights, once connected, you can use the original app with Alexa/Google Home Hub.


What can you do with smart light bulb?

Once you set up your smart bulbs, you can control the lighting effects at home in a variety of ways.

  • Open before you go home
  • Wake you up in the morning
  • Message or email alert
  • Change colour to indicate weather, humidity levels
  • Adjust the light that suits the feeling while watching a movie at home


If you are reading, just press the remote control and adjust the gentle light so that it is not easy to fatigue.

If you are playing with your child, just press the switch and let the lights make you fun and deepen your emotion.

If you go home late, just click on your phone and you can turn on the warm lights before you get home.

How to build a smart home?

Smart door lock

Smart door locks are safer and more convenient than traditional door locks. The smart door lock has a new way to lock. Just tap the door locker to lock the door.


Smart socket

Smart socket, a mobile smart socket that can be connected to the network. After the home appliance is plugged in, the remote timing delay control of the home appliance can be controlled by the mobile phone APP anytime and anywhere.


No matter how far away, you can turn on the air conditioner, electric kettle, water heaters, etc. with network. At the same time, you can monitor the electrical appliances in your home so that be safe even if no one can at home.

Smart camera

The smart camera is equipped with a newly upgraded 1080P sensor with over 2 million pixels and a viewing angle of 150 degrees. The viewing range is wider and clearer, and the powerful night vision function. Combined with image sensors and light sensors, complex day and night transition scenes can also be switched freely.

Home theatre

If you want to build a small home theatre at home, then refer to our previous articles to help you build a home theatre. Choose a more affordable, more space-saving, and more beautiful home theatre projector.

A wide variety of smart lights are based on the same design principles, so you definitely want to find the right smart light at the reasonable price.


Finally, GEMWON offers LED RGBW Colour Smart LED Bulb, Bluetooth Speaker Music Sync Dimmable APP Control for Living Bedroom Dining Room Kitchen Smart LED Bulbs to help you make a smart home with Alexa. It is recommended that you read this article before you buy smart light bulbs.

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How to Fix Earbuds That Don't Work

The i12 multi-function wireless earbuds can play audio after pairing. Since i12 uses Bluetooth wireless pairing, you may experience some issues when playing. This article discusses what to do if your earbuds don't work?


How do I pair i12 Bluetooth earbuds?

1. Press and hold the left and right buttons until the two LEDs alternately flash red and blue.

2. Press and hold one of the right buttons, wait for the LEDs to flash red and blue alternately, and have a "Ready to pair" voice prompt.

3. Turn on "Bluetooth" on your phone, then select "tws-i12" in the list, and the LED will flash blue slowly when connected. There will be a reminder voice saying "Connect."

Howto use i12 TWS earbuds separately?

1. Press and hold the side of the multi-function button, and the two LEDs flash red and blue alternately.

2. Open "Bluetooth" on the phone and select "tws-i12" in the list. When connected, the LED will flash blue slowly. There will be a reminder voice saying "Connect."

Why wireless headphones only working in one ear?

Please check if your wireless headset is being used by another device. If the Bluetooth headset is paired with other devices, it may cause problems with the headset pairing, the pairing of the two earbuds could not be completed.

1) Go to the "phone settings". In the settings, you need to find the playback section and check if it is stereo.If the Mono or Phone option is selected, it will play audio only through one earphone.

2) If you find that this headset without sound cannot be recognized by the phone, it may be due to hardware failure.

3) You can also try to update your phone system to the latest version.

4) Try to pair with other phones using the exclusion method.

5) Reset i12 Bluetooth earbuds: Remove all "tws-i12" from the phone's Bluetooth list, then press and hold the multi-function button on both headphones until the indicator flashes blue and red alternately and you will hear a sound. Complete the Bluetooth earbud pairing again according to the voice prompt.

How to solve the problem that i12 TWS does not working?

1. Make sure your phone's Bluetooth is turned on.

2. Make sure the i12 TWS and the phone are in normal pairing.

3. Check the Bluetooth earbuds.

It can be judged by the earbud's indicator light, on the other hand, iOS and Android devices can be displayed battery icon on the top of phone.

i12 TWS battery status:

The TWS can listen to music for about 4-5 hours or 10 days of standby time after fully charging (1 hour can be fully charged).

  • When the i12 TWS headset is used normally, the LED indicator of the headset flashes blue.
  • When using the i12 TWS earbuds, if the headset indicator is red instead of the blue, it means the battery is low and you needs to charge it.

i12 TWS battery check:

Check the i12 battery with your phone.

When the i12 TWS is connected to a mobile phone, the battery power of the earphone can be displayed in the upper right corner of the phone.


When the headset battery is low,the power icon is displayed in red, prompting the user to charge the headset.


4. Remove i12 TWS from your phone and rediscover it.

In the iOS settings, you can delete the device by clicking its name and then forget the device.

In the Android settings, tap the device's name, then click Unpair. After deleting the device, re-pairing the Bluetooth earphones.

5. Restart your phone and Bluetooth earbuds.

6. Update the firmware.

7. Clear the Bluetooth cache(Android devices only). Sometimes the application interferes with Bluetooth operation, and clearing the cache can solve the problem. Go to Settings >Backup and Restart > Reset Network Settings.

Wireless Bluetooth headphone stops working after updating:

1. Perform restart your phone

Software failures caused by updates can affect your phone and may prevent the headset from working. To resolve this issue, perform a soft reset or restart your phone.

2. Manage or disable Bluetooth on your phone

To make sure your phone not playing with other Bluetooth devices, turn off Bluetooth on your phone. Turn on and reconnect your phone's Bluetooth and Bluetooth earbuds.

3. Reset all settings on your phone.

Resetting all settings may resolve the issue if it is related to an invalid setting on your phone. Some updates override or automatically change the current settings on your phone. To solve this, reset all settings and reconfigure each feature and option to your preference.


GEMWON Mall offers you i12 TWS Bluetooth earbuds with free shipping to customers all over the world. If you encounter any problems such as earbuds only work on one side, please feel free to contact us.We provide the after-sales service throughout the day.

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The Best Drawing Tablets for Beginners 2019

The drawing tablet has many functions, it is very small and convenient to carry, and is very popular among people. It can be used as an auxiliary tool for work, or as a tool for children to learn drawing and writing. This article mainly introduces the best drawing tablet for kids.


A drawing tablet that functions like a keyboard. Of course, basically to input text or painting, but also with some mouse functions. Drawing Tablets commonly found on the market usually use a USB interface to connect to a computer.

Part 1: How to use pen tablet for drawing

1) Connect the drawing tablet to the computer USB port, and then install the driver automatically that comes with the tablet.


2) After the driver is installed, start the tablet application. If there is an icon on the desktop, click 3) Run to let the tablet enter the writing input state.

4) Then open the notepad or other text program inside the tablet and click on the mouse in the text program, this is the mouse will become the cursor.

5) Practice using a drawing tablet pen. This pen that lets you draw, just like you can draw with a real pen.

6) Try adjusting the pen and drawing board pressure on your app.

Part 2: How to buy a drawing tablet

Some specific methods for purchasing a drawing board

Input recognition rate:

The handwriting board recognition rate must reach 95% or more. If it is lower than this target, you will have to correct errors when inputting, which will affect the input efficiency.

1. Continuous writing and semantic analysis. It can correct the input type automatically, reduce the time for the computer to recognize characters,and speed up the input.

2. The function of re-segmentation and merging. When writing characters continuously, it may cause a mistake. With this feature, you can quickly change the wrong result.

3. The association of the lexicon. With this feature, users can build their own thesaurus and commonly used statements to speed up their use.

4. A variety of writing methods coexist. The tablet can recognize continuous strokes, cursive scripts, and pen-and-write writing to meet the needs of different users.

5. Support applications. With the development of the Internet, the application of the network has become more and more extensive, and some handwriting tablets can send E-mail and chat online, making the network more convenient and faster.

The board technology of drawing tablet

The writing tablet consists of a flat panel and a pressure sensitive pen. The tablet is mainly divided into a resistor pressure plate, a capacitor plate, and an electromagnetic pressure plate.

Among them, the resistor board technology is the oldest, and the capacitor board is mostly used in portable products because the stylus does not need a power supply. The electromagnetic board is currently the most mature technology.


After you understand these differences, you can choose the drawing tablet that suits you.

Part 3: Cheap drawing tablet with screen for kids

The kids' digital drawing pad uses a liquid crystal display to show what is written, and the removal of all content uses a weak current approach.Current is used to correct the liquid crystal molecules to achieve the effect of erasing the screen. At the same time, such materials and production processes have no blue light and will not harm the children's eyes.

1. Size

Kids writing boards vary in size, generally 8.5 inches, 10 and 13.5 inches. The large size is very suitable for use. Writing or painting will also feel that the space is very enough. The disadvantage is that the larger the screen, it is hard to carry outdoor.

2. Writing pen

For children's tablets, the design of the stylus is different. The flat stylus has a hand-feeling feel in the hand, the grip is not very comfortable,but it is convenient to carry and store, slightly sacrifices the grip of the stylus.

The cylindrical writing pen and real pen are relatively close, and the grip feeling is also very good. The middle finger and the index finger position are more comfortable to hold, and there is no feeling of picking up hands. I think the latter's grip is more suitable for children.

3. One Key to clear

The children handwriting board is designed with a button to clear all content. From the position point of view, the button is generally designed below the upper or upper left of the tablet. Because most children who use the right hand to hold the pen during the drawing can use the left hand to clear it, so that it is not necessary to stop the right hand and it is not easy for the child to misuse this key to delete the painting.


4. Battery design

Writing board battery power design. In the battery, screws are fixed to prevent the button battery from being accidentally disassembled by the child and taken by mistake.

5. Drawing Pens

Most drawing board are design with a place to store the pen. This is also very important design to avoid the child lose the pen accidentally. Even adults can easily lose magnetic pen of drawing board.


GEMWON LCD Writing Board is dust-free, environmentally friendly, and repeats writing and graffiti. The overall appearance is frame less design, and the flexible liquid crystal film technology makes the display more comfortable, and the notes are clear and does not hurt the eyes. The 9-inch writing screen allows you to write more space, and it won't be too heavy for you to carry outdoor.


To achieve these key elements, the purchase of cheap note drawing tablet will become very simple. For such a drawing tablet and pen, whether it is used for learning or toys, it is used as a message board or a recording board at home. It is an item that is cheap and can help you a lot.

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The best gimbal for dslr 2019

When we take photos or videos with a camera outdoors, how can we prevent the camera from shaking and make a perfect photo or video? So, you need a handheld gimbal stabilizer for dslr to help you shoot anti-shake effect.


All camera now uses a stable gimbal. So, what is a gimbal stabilizer? A gimbal is a shaft support that can rotate an object about an axis. However, in the drones, the gimbal and the drone combine for photography, and the camera is stabilized on the base of two or three rotating shaft.

How does a camera gimbal work?

Gimbal works like a drone

There is an inertial measurement unit (IMU) on the camera base that reports its direction to the controller. The Gimbal controller controls the motor so that the camera platform is again level.

This action occurs hundreds of times per second, so that even if the stabilizer is working by the wind, the camera will be very stable. The two-axis pan/tilt has stable roll (left and right tilt) and pitch (up and down), and the three-axis pan/tilt has added yaw(turn left and turn right) to stabilize, so It can shoot a very stable video picture, use a good camera gimbal stabilizer even in a very harsh environment.


The camera gimbal mount is suitable for all sizes of cameras, whether it is a GoPro camera or the professional camera on the market. To capture beautiful videos that are available, the picture must be stable, so the stabilizer is essential. The photographer only needs to install camera on a quadcopter or consumer drone,and can shoot stable videos and pictures in harsh environments.

Howto use a gimbal camera?

Gimbals are suitable for free movement: Allowing photographer to move freely in the case of universal joints, but because of their light weight and ease of use.

Variety of actions: It takes a lot of time to set up the lens, especially if each lens requires a different camera movement tool. Gimbals allows photographers to get similar shots in less time.

Vertical motion: The three-axis gimbal control is pan, tilt and roll. But they don't control vertical motion, which means that any vertical movement you make -whether it's walking, jumping, etc. it will affect your works.

Balance your gimbal:
There are more important balancing your gimbal. Some operators can use a gimbal without even knowing it wasn't balanced correctly,which overworks its motor and drains its batteries.


Vertical adjustment balancing gimbal

By adjusting the vertical balance adjustment lever, you can move the clamp that quickly releases the gimbal head up or down. Adjust the up or down displacement by locking the vertical balance adjustment lever counter clockwise while tightening the lock knob clockwise to fix the displacement.

Tilt knob

When the mounting plate lock lever is locked, the quick release system can release the upper pivot bearing lock knob 360° counter clockwise. Lock the quick release system by locking the tilt knob clockwise.

Horizontal adjustment balancing gimbal

By rotating the panning lock knob counter clockwise, the base can be rotated 360°. Locking the base by clockwise.

Buying guide for camera stabilizer?

DJ has made great achievements in the field of drones, so OSMO is the first handheld gimbal for camera, which is attractive to many photographers and professionals.

Recommended brand:

DJI Osmo Series Handheld Professional Video Gimbals

Design: It consists of a hand-held handle, a 3-axis Gimbals and a 4K camera. It is easy to shoot 4K/30fps or 1080p/60fps video, and 12-megapixel high quality photos.

At the front end of the arm is a stereo microphone and a 3.5 mm microphone port to capture audio for the captured video. If you use an external microphone with a 3.5mm interface, you can effectively avoid the noise caused by the camera's cooling fan and stabilizer motor.


The OSMO handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable and stable hand. The user can achieve all the basic functions of angle adjustment, photographing and cameraing with one hand by simply connecting the wrist, thumb and index finger.

After connecting to a mobile device such as a phone, you can not only view the scene in real time through the external device screen, but also set the OSMO. In the automatic panorama mode, the pan/tilt automatically rotates 360° horizontally to take clear photos.

In the panorama self-timer mode,the camera takes a 180° picture centered on the photographer. At the same time,the high-precision pan/tilt allows OSMO to perform long-time exposure without a tripod, and can shoot 1080p HD video of up to 120 frames per second.

Recommended Brand:



Number of axes: 3 axes (pitch,roll, yaw)

Rotation range: yaw: 360°, pitch:280°, rolling: 360°

Follow speed: yaw: 360°/s, pitch:360°/s, scroll: 360°/s

Weight: 4.1 pounds

Size: 23.2 x 11.5 x 10.1"

Load capacity: 8 pounds

Battery: 2400 mAh lithium-ion battery, about 10 hours of use


Q45 Professional Gimbal Tripod Head

Suitable for Canon Nikon DSLR Camera Camcorder Heavy Duty Telephoto Lens

The use of high-strength aluminum grade build, hard anodized surface, wear anti-scratch, texture and beautiful.

Panoramic gimbal head, 360-degree panoramic capture, adjust freely, help you save catch every moment, realize the most beautiful.

With one bubble level for angles adjustment.International universal quick-release plate, comes with 1/4 "screw,suitable for all SLR cameras. 3/8" screw on base for tripod.

Easy to manipulate telephoto lenses,especially large lenses: It can help you to rotate your telephoto lens easily and keep the focus of the entire unit so that you can choose the best angle you like without worrying about the heavy lenses and the stability.


GEMWON Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for mobile phone/Samsung/iPhone with Mounts & Stand. You can shoot beautiful videos and pictures without any professional photography skills, even while walking or running.

As a photography enthusiast or a traveller who likes to travel alone, the easy-to-use and portability of the GEMWON Handheld stabilizer can be put into your backpack at any time.


In the above, I give you a detailed introduction to how to use and purchase camera stabilizers for dslr. The use of the camera tripod can help you better complete the photography work.Whether it's a single trip or professional photography, it must be the best camera accessory for photography.

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Apple Airpods Review 2019: The Best Wireless Earbuds

The AirPods 2 with wireless charging box has become the latest fashion item. In fact, Apple emphasizes the second generation of the new AirPods, upgraded the chip and supports Bluetooth 5.0. This article is about reviews of apple airpods for running in terms of appearance, settings and use.


Part 1: Airpods 2 Appearance

Airpods Charging Box:

The AirPods charging box is small,sleek and simple, the metal hinges are very simple to open and close. They areas an exquisite cobblestone in your hand.

There is no extra port design in addition to the matching button on the back and the Lighting charging interface on the bottom. Weighing only 38 grams (without AirPods), it is especially convenient to carry in your pocket when you are out.

Open the charging box and you can see that AirPods is connected to the charging box by magnetic force.


The AirPods look the same as the earpods without a headphone cord. Perhaps earpods is designed to be perfect and AirPods hasn't changed much in shape.

Compared to earpods, AirPods has a larger handle (placement battery) and more sensor settings in detail.


It's hard to imagine AirPods integrating Apple W1 chips, optical sensors, motion acceleration sensors, microphones, batteries and more in such small buds.

Part 2: How to Connect Airpods in Settings

First connection:

Open the charging case with AirPods and place it next to the iPhone. An animation will appear on your iPhone screen at this time. Tap "Connect" and tap "Finish".


It is automatically set up to work with all apple device that is logged in with the same Apple ID. Unlike other Bluetooth headsets. You only need to select the connection in the AirPlay playback device and no need to set up Bluetooth.


The connection design:

Submit the pairing data, key, and power via the Bluetooth search (special frequency) around the iPhone and pop up the connection prompt on the iPhone screen. Once the connection is successful,the authorization is submitted to iCloud. In this way, only once pairing is required and AirPods can be easily used by all your apple devices.

Airpods connect to multiple devices:

AirPods automatically connect to your Apple devices. It can connect to your iPhone and iWatch at the same time,instantly switching between the two devices. Including MacBook and iPad, just select AirPods on these devices. When you use AirPods again, the device you last used is connected by default.

Airpods Button Control:

There are no physical keys on the AirPods surface, you can only control the device by tapping twice. After wearing any AirPod, quickly tap the back of the AirPod to answer or hang up the phone.


Adjust the functionality of AirPods:

Open the AirPods charging box and go to Phone Settings > Bluetooth on your iOS device. Tap the information button next to AirPods in the device list.

Pair with Android devices:

For Apple devices with different Apple IDs, open the charging box and when it is close, AirPods will have a corresponding pop-up prompt.

For Android and even PC devices, put AirPods in the charging box and open the lid. Press and hold the Setup button on the back of the charging case until you see the status light flashing white.Then operate the connection on the device.

According to the measurement, AirPods can be switched directly between Apple devices, PCs and Android without re-pairing or disconnecting.

Reset AirPods:

If you are unable to set up AirPods or need to change users, you can reset AirPods. To do this, place the AirPods in the charging case and press and hold the setting button on the back for at least 15 seconds until the status light begins to flash a few times and changes from amber to white.


Part 3: Howto Use Airpods

AirPods are equipped with custom Apple W1 chips that use optical sensors and motion acceleration sensors to detect if you have put them in your ear. Whether you use both ears at the same time or just wear one of them, the W1 chip transmits audio automatically and activates the microphone.

You can even share AirPods with other people. Once you have a bud connection, leave one AirPods and the charging box to another person to connect and use.

AirPods Accessories:

Perhaps a wireless and split design,AirPods gives a feeling of being easily lost.

At this time, you can refer to some of the airpods accessories we provided before, they can help you better use airpods. When you go out, you will be worried that the smooth and small airpods case will be scratched and if this happens it will not be repaired.


Airpods case cover has a variety of new and cute appearance that help protect your airpods from the sharpest items while helping to make your airpods look more personal.

AirPods Status Indicator:

The status indicator of the charging box is located between the two AirPods vacancies.

Green indicates that it is fully charged and amber indicates that the remaining battery is not enough for AirPods. If the light is blinking white, it means that AirPods can be set up from a device. If the light is blinking amber, you may need to reset AirPods.


When using the iPhone, open the charging case cover with AirPods and bring the charging case closer to the device. Wait a few seconds to see the power status of the AirPods and the charging box.


You can also check the charging status of AirPods and the charging box via the Battery widget on your iOS device.

The charge box power will only be displayed if there is at least one bud in the charging case.

Airpods vs earpods sound quality:

AirPods supports AAC audio, which is slightly enhanced with EarPods only for bass and mid-range vocals. Based on this positioning, AirPods is not suitable for users who have high requirements for sound quality. However, AirPods performs better when you are on the phone or talking to Siri and the dual microphone with beamforming technology filters the background noise so your voice is clearly heard.

If your AirPods are lost?

AirPods, it is recommended to use "Find My iPhone" to locate AirPods, provided AirPods is not exhausted.


Blue dots indicate that you are using this device to find lost AirPods.

A green dot indicates that your AirPods is connected. This means you can play sounds or view routes to find them.

Gray dots indicate that AirPods is not connected or out of range. You may see the last known position.


1. Wireless, easy to use.

2. Usage time is satisfactory. The charging box not only brings a great advantage to the battery life, but also facilitates storage. It is not easy to lose AirPods.

3. Convenient connection and user-friendly Bluetooth connection design.

4. Comfortable to wear and not easy to fall.


1. The volume cannot be adjusted. In the gesture operation, there is no operation to adjust the volume by sliding. I believe that the next generation of airpods may have this feature.

2. There is no noise reduction on the sound quality, but noise reduction has not been Apple product advantages.

If you expect a best wireless earbud for iPhone, AirPods is the best Bluetooth headset available today. You no longer have to be tied to the headphone cable and you can seamlessly switch between all your Apple devices.

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The Best Cheap Drone to Buy 2019

For most consumers, the most important function of the drone must be assisted photography. If you want to buy a drone to assist photography or recreation,what should we pay attention to? We have the most complete buying guide about the best cheap drone for photography.


You Should Know Before Buying a Drone:

There are three types of remote-control drones

Mobile/tablet remote control:

At present, more and more drones can be operated by mobile phone or tablet. Compared to traditional remote controls, it has the advantage of being smaller, lighter and easier to use.

However, its shortcoming is that the unstable WIFI signal is connected and the long-distance flight will easy to disconnect signal. Moreover, its operation is difficult, but it is difficult to do precise movements.

Traditional drone remote controller:

The most regular drone is still controlled by a conventional remote controller. Compared to mobile phones, the remote control is more cumbersome and harder to get beginners. However, its signal is more stable than the mobile phone remote control and the remote-control distance is relatively long (the general remote-control range is 100 meters or more). The handheld remote control is difficult for beginners to grasp, but when you are familiar with it,you can do more precise and difficult flight movements.

Watches, voice control:

In recent years, many drone manufacturers have developed a variety of new remote-control tools, but these new technologies are not mature enough and are not stable.

Drone Stability Control:

Many new drones have automatic stability control. When it takes off, even if you do nothing, it will automatically hover at the same height and at the same position. So, even if you don't know how to operate, there is no operational difficulty. This is the best drones for beginners.

However, not all drone can be self-stabilizing. You must meet the following conditions when selecting a drone:

Self-stabilizing outdoors, the drone must have GPS and a barometer;

Self-stabilizing indoors, drones must have visual positioning and ultrasonic positioning.

First Person View:

When we buy a drone, besides paying attention to whether it has a first person view, we must also pay attention to:

Figure transmission distance: Calculated in the open area of the suburbs, the UAV, which is usually operated by mobile phone, has 50-100 meters. The drones operated by the traditional remote control have a transmission distance of about 100-300 meters. More high-end drones can even be as far as 500 meters.

Image Quality:

The clearer the image quality, the more clearly you can understand the dynamics of the flight. At present, the mainstream UAV image transmission quality is 360p, 480p and some advanced UAV scan have 720p HD image quality, it is must the best drone for photography.


The travel drone, the most important function is portable. But the drone is not the lighter the better.

The larger the wheelbase of the drone, the stronger the wind resistance and the better the stability, whether it is flight or photography, it is more secure.

Small drone:

The smaller the wheelbase, the easier it is to carry. But the wind resistance is relatively weak and the stability will be poor.

Flight duration:

If you want to use drone when traveling. You need to pay more attention to the problem of endurance. For larger drones, this means more than 250 grams and the estimated flight time Is about 20-25 minutes. Even the most expensive drones will not fly for more than 30 minutes.

Drone Buying Guide:

Drone beginner player:

XIRO Xplorer 4k: XIRO Xplorer Although the less clear picture and camera lens is its shortcoming. But it still attracts many beginners of drones with its cool appearance, very portable and detachable design. Maybe it's still not as good as Phantom 4, but the $570 pricing and portable design make it the most cost-effective for the beginner drone.


Large-scale Drone with Camera:

Inspire 1 Pro: It has the most powerful camera on the market. The $3600 price makes Inspire 1 Pro become the most expensive drone. If you want to be the most professional drone photographer, Inspire 1 Pro won't let you down.


Toy drones for beginners:

If you are buying a drone for your child, it is very important to choose a drone that can be collided. More specifically, it won't be too fast or too heavy, so that it won't hurt anyone when it flies.

Most importantly, it is only used as a tool to practice drones flight,preparing to purchase more expensive drones in the future. Racing Professional Drones without camera is less than $10 that is perfect for beginners to make drone flight attempts.


Drone accessories for beginners:

Gimbal: If you want to take drone for photography, the image stabilizer, the Gimbal is a must. Since the drone often has a large swing during flight, if there is no help from the PTZ, the video will sway. Moreover, Gimbal has a good pan/tilt allows you to adjust the angle to shoot the scene you want.


Triaxial Gimbal: This pan/tilt head provides the best image stabilization, but it is costly and easy to damaged. In addition, due to its structural problems, the drone becomes more cumbersome and difficult to store.

Electronic PTZ for drone: Stabilizes the swinging picture through electronic anti-shake technology, but the anti-shake technology of UAV cameras is not mature and will affect the picture quality.

Finally, If the drone price has a significant impact on your purchase decision, you can refer this article for best cheap beginner drone. If you are interested in high quality video of drone, you need to prepare more budgets,but there are some good compromise options, such as DJI Spark.

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The Best Airpods Accessories 2019

The novel technology design of airpods has become the latest fashion product. But no matter how perfect the new technology, there will always be some shortcomings. Fortunately, AirPods accessories can improve some of the shortcomings of the appearance and performance. Let's look for the best airpods accessories 2019.


1. Airpods Case Cover

The split design of Airpods leads to the need to carry a charging box often when going out. I feel that it is easy to cause scratches on the charging case. So, buying a protective case cover for airpods is the first thing you need to do.

There are two kinds of protective covers, one is that the cover and the bottom are connected and the other is that the cover and the bottom are separated.

This design which inevitably produces a raised shape below.


However, the separate design of the airpods case cover and the under side is easy to the loss of the cover and the surrounding one is easily contaminated with dust.

Luxury Plating Metal Color Silicone Airpods Case Cover is available in ohotter and is available in gold and silver for you a choice.

The bright colors bring a visual impact to the AirPods of the literary and refreshing style, making your airpods stand out from the crowd.

Airpods Case Cover protects AirPods and AirPods charging box which with an opening at the bottom for charging AirPods. The buckle design is adopted for easy opening and closing. A carabiner clip is also used to secure the AirPods to a backpack, wallet, keychain or other item to reducing the probability that AirPods will be lost outdoor.

2. Airpods Silicone Hooks

Of course, according to my personal situation, whether it is the wired headset or Airpods that comes with the phone, it will face the problem of easy loss. Whether you are on the way to work or in the leisure to forget the existence of earbuds, you need to buy airpods silicone hooks.

It's common to use AirPods sweating and shaking while running, causing wireless earbuds to slip. Buying a silicone hooks airpods accessories for running may be a good choice.


After using airpods ear hooks, it is more secure and the airpods are more comfortable than the original.

But AirPods hooks have two drawbacks. First, the steps of putting and removing the airpods to the box are cumbersome and you need to save silicone hooks extra. Second, it can't be put into the charging box with AirPods.

If you are unfortunate and your AirPods are lost, how can find AirPods quickly:

1. Open the "Find My iPhone" app on your phone and log in.

2. Locate the AirPods listing. If the dot next to it is green, it means that the Bluetooth connection between AirPods and your phone is not disconnected and is still within a certain range.

3. Click the "Actions" button at the bottom, then select "Play Sound". At this time, your two AirPods will make a"drop" sound, you can find it according to the sound.

4. If you just lost a single bud, you can select "Mute the left ear" or "Mute the right ear."

5. When you find your AirPods, tap or click Stop Playing.

If you open the "Find My iPhone", the dot next to the AirPods listing is grey, indicating that AirPods is off, the battery is exhausted or is out of search range. At this time, you can only see the last known position of AirPods in the app. You can only find it based on the map to a nearby location and you cannot use the "Play Sound" feature.

3. AirPods STRAP

We know that one of the main advantages of AirPods is that they are Bluetooth wireless connection. But when you are in a remote area, the terrain will become very bumpy or you are running. You need some airpods accessories to make sure you don't lose your AirPods.

Whether you put them in your pocket, your neck or backpack, the strap's magnets hold the earbuds together when you're not wearing them. If you have a simple clip design, you can safely fix AirPods, so you don't warry to lose it.


4. Airpods Skin Sticker

This sticker is not protective, but it can make your earbuds more personalized. Airpods is the most fashionable item, so if you want to have a unique design and fashion Airpods, the airpods sticker is your best choice. And it can help you distinguish between the left and right bud easily.


That's it. You spend a lot of for your favourite wireless earbuds- airpods, so you want an accessory to make it work better. All the above apple airpods accessories best buy are some simple and cheap gadgets, but they can give you great help for using airpods.

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