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The best budget fitness tracker for Children

Nowadays, people are more and more inclined to choose various smart devices to monitor the health data of the body. In addition to some professional products, there are some smart watches, smart bracelets and so on.It can detect our sports and health data. How to choose the fitness tracker for kids?


If you are very concerned about your health indicators and want to keep abreast of your physical condition. There is a smart watch that lets you monitor your body. It is the best kids' fitness tracker, we can use the watch and software app to get the health of the child or parent.

The smart bracelet is intelligently designed to monitor sleep quality,exercise step, and measure blood oxygen to monitor your body condition in real time. The real-time monitoring of the blood pressure heart rate of the curved screen,the call rejection, the remote control of the camera, the remote control of the phone and it has GPS function can avoid elderly and children from losing.


Touch screen design, easy to use, blood pressure oximetry heart rate monitoring one button to open, exercise data can be viewed by hand, simple design, good material selection.

An ECG with ECG+PPG dual channel for detecting blood pressure and heart rate, and the detection data is more stable. You can insert a sim card separately, call, answer a call, information, etc. just like a mobile phone.Running not carrying mobile phone will not miss any important information.

The smart bracelet can also be muted. Keep great sound, bring music on your wrist, and enjoy music anytime, anywhere.

This is both a bracelet and a Bluetooth speaker. It not only makes you fashionable, but also good for your health. This smart fitness bracelet is suitable for the elderly and children. Monitor the sport data and waterproof GPS watch, colourful and dynamic UI interface, full-view true colour screen design,also visible in the sun, feel comfortable.

Smart Sports Bracelet

There are different types of watches at different ages, and the demand for smart bracelets is different. Generally, for the elderly, choose a bracelet with more health functions and first aid functions. Adults can choose watches that can make calls, listen to music, and exercise. Kids sport bracelets that are mainly used for positioning and remote monitoring.


For children's smart watches, its most important function is positioning. Parents generally use the smart bracelet application to monitor and control children's physical data.

At this point, you have a deep understanding of the children's fitness tracker with reminders. For better protection of your child, both sports data and location tracking are important. Proper monitoring of exercise data can make your child healthier. Hurry and choose your favourite fitness tracker.

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How to Purify the Air in Your Home?

Indoor air pollution is very harmful to the body. Frequently staying in a room with not fresh air can cause dizziness, fatigue, chest tightness, irritability, etc., and even lead to disease. Therefore, many people are looking for ways to purify indoor air,especially some new home. So, what is the natural ways to purify air at home?


Howto clean air without chemicals?

Ventilation and purification:Ventilation is the most common treatment, but ventilation does not guarantee the reduction of harmful substances in the air.

Purification of green plants: Many flowers and plants absorb harmful substances, and the functions of transformation, such as spider plant, aloe vera, and tiger-tail orchid can absorb indoor formaldehyde and other pollutants, improve indoor air pollution.Cloves and other bactericidal substances secreted by flowers can Kill some bacteria in the air to make the indoor air clean. However, the adsorption of plants itself is generally as an auxiliary method.

Air Purifier: The air purifier is another effective method for purifying indoor air. It can effectively remove suspended particles in the air, kill viruses and bacteria adsorbed on it, and simultaneously adsorb and decompose toxic and harmful gases in the air to clean. The purpose of purifying the air. The air purifier can purify indoor air by more than 80%. The air purifier does not need to be installed, the price is not expensive and use is simple, and it is widely used in many homes and offices.

Activated carbon: Activated carbon is an internationally recognized adsorption energy hand. The use of activated carbon indoors can remove harmful gases from the air.

Howto keep the indoor air clean?

1. Windy days should close the doors and windows. The wind not only carries a lot of dust, but also a lot of pollen that causes allergies.

2. Place the flannel doll decorations as little as possible. Harmful substance is easy to hide and are not easy to clean.

3. Wipe the furniture with a rag.Frequently wipe the furniture with a rag, especially computer, TV, and other household appliances that are easy to accumulate dust.

4. Plants with dust-proof and detoxifying properties such as lobes and rubber trees can be planted at home.While removing dust, it can maintain the proper air humidity in the room.


The best way to improve indoor air is to remove the source of pollution and ventilate it with clean outdoor air. Portable air purifiers can help when above methods are inadequate or not feasible.

Air purifier working model:

There are three main principles for air removal in purifiers: filtration, static electricity, and water film.


Filtration: The advantage is that the purification effect is reliable. The disadvantage is that the HEPA filter used for filtration cannot be reused, which is a consumable material and has a high cost.

Static electricity: the advantage is that there is no need to replace the consumables. The disadvantage is that ozone is inevitably generated during use, and ozone is a pollutant harmful to the human body.

Water film: The advantage is that it is better in humidification. The disadvantage is that the dust removal ability is very limited, and the microbes will adhere to the water film.

Howto buy a filter air purifier?

1. CADR value

The main parameter to be considered for a filtered air purifier is the CADR value. CADR means clean air output rate, which is actually the ability to produce clean air. The bigger the stronger, the international standard is five times per hour in the applicable area.

2. Structure, material and area of the filter

The filter type air purifier needs to removes harmful substances on the filter net to realize air purification, and the area of the filter screen means how much PM2.5 particles can be accommodated, that is the dust holding capacity.

3. Feeling of using

A filtered air purifier is essentially a fan that blows a filter, so there must be noise. However, an best air purifier will reduce the resistance and reduce the noise by rationally designing the air duct and optimizing the filter material.

4. The cost

The main part of the airpurifier, the filter, the price of the filter and the frequency of replacement will determine the cost of future use.

Choosing an air purifier, many types of air purifiers on the market now can purify the air and filter PM2.5. You can consult us before buying, and buy an air purifier with good brand and good quality. GEMWON wholesale the most complete range of air purifiers. All the best sell air purifiers can be purchased here at the most affordable price. GEMWON also provides you with the best consulting services.


To maintain the purity and ventilation of the air in your home, you need to industrious and preventive maintenance. Through above introduction, you have learned some easy ways you can improve indoor air quality. If you are considering a more in-depth home air cleaning device, contact GEMWON immediately and we will do our best to help your home's air be cleaner and safer, breathe easily.

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How to Fix Action Camera keeps Freezing

Some outdoor sports turn motion cameras into must-have sports device. However, while enjoying the fun of sports camera shooting, it is also a lot of unpleasant things. This article provides some solutions to fix freezing action camera.


Howto avoid the action camera crash when shooting

1. After shooting, be sure to pause and then turn off camera.

2. After the battery prompts low battery, please stop shooting.

3. Always observe the flashing of the recording light on the motion camera. If it is not normal, take a restart.

4. For important and long-time shooting situations, it is best to format the SD card once in the camera.

Why does my sport camera freeze?

A low-quality memory card can also cause a crash, so how do I choose the right motion camera memory card?

The "memory card" is mainly based on "flash memory" (SD card). In fact, whether a memory card is easy to use, the key is the speed at which the card stores data. If the storage speed is too slowly, it will cause a data error.

So how do you buy the right SD card for your action camera?

The speed at which the flash card has two parameters of maximum speed and minimum speed.

1. The highest speed of the flash card

There is a parameter"M" on the flash card to indicate the fastest storage speed. The highest rate is expressed in M/S. For example, 30M/S means that the highest achievable speed of the card is 30MB per second. If you are considering taking a photo, mainly look at this data. Especially for taking photos of large-capacity files in high resolution or RAW format.

The faster the memory card is transferred, the faster the file can be stored, and the next picture can betaken faster.

2. How to choose flash memory for sport video camera

For example, the Sony EX1R requires the flash card to be at a rate above CLASS 10, and the Panasonic 153MC requires the SD card to be at a rate above CLASS 4. In actual use, the minimum storage speed requirement must be guaranteed. As for the highest speed, you can count it. Example with EX1R: 1920*1080HQ HD shooting, code stream 35M. Then the transmission speed is 35Mbps/8bit=4.38MB/s

That is, a card with a speed of "5M" or more can allow the camera to be stored smoothly to prevent the camera from being stuck when shooting.


Some questions about Action Camera for Beginners:

1. Photos taken with a sports camera is not clear

Although the highest resolution is used, the light is good, but the photos taken are blurred. Even if it is a sports camera, it has a certain degree of professionalism in anti-shake function, but if it is sharply shaken up and down, it will still be a little fuzzy. You can use a tripod or place the camera on a table or a fixed object.

2. The lens is dirty

Dirty lenses can cause the camera to be difficult to view and blur the captured image. Use a dedicated cleaning tools to clean the lens.


3. The scene is too dark

Shooting scenes backlit, then you should rotate the camera angles, and let the multi-point smart metering capability in the motion camera can help you find the best angle to shoot.

4. The action camera shuts down suddenly

The first consideration is the power problem, which is caused by the situation of insufficient power. Second,reboot to checking the camera. If the motion camera does not turn on, and you find that the camera is hot. That's because you have been using the camera fora long time, causing the camera to overheat and automatically turn off. Stop using it and wait for it to cool before using it.

5. Why action camera not detecting SD card

5.1 Using a memory card that is not compatible with a sports camera, the solution is to replace the flash card that your motion camera can use.

5.2 The memory card chip is damaged. Look for the manufacturer to repair or replace it.

5.3 The image file in the memory card is destroyed. The cause of such a malfunction is that the memory card is taken out during shooting or the sports camera is suddenly turned off. If you reinsert the memory card and the problem persist, you will need to format your SD card.

6. Freezing action camera

If your sport camera is frozen,try resetting the camera by pressing and holding the MODE button for 10 seconds.

If the camera does not prompt fora reset, remove the battery and reinsert the battery to unlock it.

Format the SD card with the camera or with a PC to ensure it is the original brand card with the best working condition. The poor quality, fragile or slow-speed memory cards can cause the camera to freeze.

Also, if the camera still freezes after excluding the micro SD issue, please visit the camera manufacturer support website for the latest firmware upgrade.

Finally, if you are having problems with an action camera getting stuck, please refer to the article.Welcome to your friends, more extreme sports enthusiasts to share this article about common troubleshooting for sports cameras.

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How to Remove Snow and Ice from Your Car

The most annoying thing in the winter is to remove the snow from the car windows outdoors. How to quickly remove snow from car? This article teaches you how to get snow off your car without a brush?


Part 1: What is a Car Snow Cover?

The car snow cover can provide a good protection. The car is like a cotton jacket of a car. It not only prevents the car from being polluted by rain and sand, but also is the easiest and direct way to prevent snow.


1. Prevent the front windshield of the car from freezing.

2. Prevent the front windshield of the car from freezing, dust proof and anti-fog, which can effectively improve the service life of the car wiper.

3. Reduce the waiting time for you to wait for the frost to melt, save energy and protect the environment.

Car snow cover purchase tips:

The price of the car cover will vary depending on the brand, material and size. It is best to choose a flame-retardant cotton material in the middle and a smooth nylon cloth cover inside. Owners of cold weather in the north should choose a car cover with thick cotton material. When choosing a car cover, you should choose a light color. The most common one is silver. This color looks relatively obvious at night.

How to put car cover?

The use of the car cover is actually very simple, open → set up → fixed is OK, but there are some small details in this process.

1. Before the car cover, it is best to ensure that the car surface is clean, so as to avoid friction damage.

2. The car cover is large, it is recommended that at least two people to install the car cover.

3. After the car cover is adjusted, be sure to pay attention to the fixed position. There are three common methods currently available on the market: ropes, hooks and buckles.

Sweeping snow from your car with professional tools:

When your car is covered with heavy snow, be sure to use professional tools to clean the snow. Also, avoid using hot water when cleaning, as hot water can cause the paint to crack. Also, do not use a wiper for cleaning as this may damage the wiper blade.

If you don't use a car cover, this Snow Brush Ice Scraper windshield brush is also a good choice. The ice scraper is made of high-quality ABS material, durable,resistant to high temperatures and low temperatures, and resistant to corrosion. Soft bristles help remove ice and snow without damaging the windows glass. The foam handle and ergonomic design make the ice scraper comfortable and easy to operate.

Part 2: Car Snow Removal Brush for Beginner

Cleaning Snow Gloves

In addition to the car in the process of snow removal, you should also do enough warm work for yourself. Choosing a pair of cold-proof gloves will not only keep warm and protect your hands, but also save a lot of effort for snow removal!


Ice shovel for car

When it comes to snow removal tools, there is a car scraper that is a common and practical product. It's cheap, but it's not a single function. It's made up of a shovel and a brush. The front shovel and the middle brush can be used together to remove snow from roof of car. It is very convenient to use, and the snow removal effect is good.


Stainless steel snow scraper

Stainless steel snow scraper is also a small winner in the snow removal tool. It is very popular with everyone because of its low price and convenient use. Compared with the above-mentioned ice shovel snow brush and snow removal tool, although it lacks the brush function, it is more compact and easier to carry, but it will take time to clean up a large area of snow.


Part 3: How to Clean Your Car after Snow?

3.1 There is a lot of thick snow on the windshield of the car. At this time, don't rush to remove the snow with a wiper, which will easily damage the wiper.Sometimes the wiper is not damaged, but it will affect the life of the sealing strip on the wiper.

The correct way is to start the car, let the air conditioning hot air blow to the front windshield, and then remove the snow with a towel or brush.

If the window is frozen, the small block of ice must be removed with a tool such as a snow shovel or a plastic blade. Only the snow on the windshield is basically cleaned, and the wiper can be used normally after the ice and snow clean.

When using tools to remove snow and ice, try to remove them in the same direction.Never scrape back and forth to prevent the hard ice that remains on the windshield from scratching the car glass.

3.3 Do not use hot water to clean the ice, which is more likely to cause the window glass to rupture and the wiper to deform. Moreover, the rapid heat and cold change will also cause great damage to the car paint surface.

The Bottom Line:

Choosing a good snow removal product can save a lot of effort for car cleaning, but the snow removal products on the market are Diverse. How to choose the snow removal brush for your cars, this article gives you some tips.

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The Best Home Security System 2019

When you go out, you will be worried about the safety of your home. The best security camera system can help you. It uses the mobile phones to easily monitor the safety of children or the elderly, pets and home. Then this article will share with you the best self monitored home security system.


The home security camera not only provides high-quality video recording,but also provides night vision. Therefore, you can see the scenes of the night and every corner and gap in the house as clearly as possible.

What is the best security camera to buy?

Orbit family camera

Orbit is a home security camera designed to connect to existing smart home hardware and software. The Orbit is a look at a secure camera can be blended in your home while still being a friendly and enjoyable piece of work.


Circle home camera

Circle's Wi-Fi two-way calling and listing features allow you to interact remotely. The Circle has a small footprint and is wirelessly connected. When you are playing with your child at home, it can easily move with you without worrying about wires or sockets.


Support intelligent mobile monitoring, accurately capture moving objects, push real-time images through mobile APP, let you pay attention to home security at any time.

At the end of the day, Circle will give you a 30-second "Daily Newsletter" so you can see some special moments again.

Xiaomi Smart Camera

This Xiaomi smart camera not only has a compact appearance, but also has a dual motor and no cantilever design. Users can freely adjust the camera's shooting angle through the Xiaomi Smart Home APP to achieve 360-degree viewing.Providing comprehensive protection for the family, but also able to record the bits and pieces of life.

It also has infrared night vision and can monitor the situation at home during the night. By moving to detect changes in moving objects in the area,the camera automatically records a 10-second video and send the alarm to the phone. In terms of storage, in addition to being able to store data in a TF card, it can also be transferred to a storage device such as your NAS at home.


Home security camera questions and answers?

1. Is it possible to charge the security camera?

It is not supported the mobile power supply, and must be connected to the 110V-240V power supply voltage. However, some surveillance cameras use lithium batteries.

2. The monitor recorded video, can view by phone?

What are the compatible mobile phones?

You can view real-time camera video with your mobile phone. Compatible with Android Android, Apple IOS system phones.

3. Is the surveillance camera waterproof?

The indoor security camera‎ are generally not waterproof. If it installed outdoors, rain protection facilities are available. If you want to use it outdoors, it is recommended to purchase outdoor security camera‎ and waterproof models.

4. Does thesurveillance cameras glow red light at night?

The light of the security camera on the market will be illuminated at night. This is to ensure clear night vision, but it will not affect the normal sleep quality.

5. Can the mobile phone display several cameras at the same time?

The models are different and the functions are different. Some security camera system can display multiple screens.

6. What is the difference between 720P, 960P, and 1080P?

720P=100W pixels, 960P=130W pixels, 1080P=200W pixels, you can choose the right resolution according to your requirements. The higher the resolution,the better the resolution, and the higher the resolution monitoring angle will be slightly larger.

The general 720P home camera can be used by most customers. The camera can see the face at a close distance. Generally, the distance can reach 3-5 meters. The higher the pixel, the clearer it is.

7. Can the mobile phone remotely view the camera's home status?

The camera relies on the network, and does not limit the distance. In the network, you can check the monitoring status of the home anytime, anywhere.

8. The best security camera system price?

Depending on the features and options you need, you can find high quality home security systems for as little as $20. If you want colour video,wireless cameras, infrared and motion sensing technology, and you can expect to pay more. The advantage of a security system is that you can customize the features and benefits you really need and at a price that you can afford.

What are the benefits of intelligent monitoring? It can allow you to stay in touch with your family, even if they are not at home, to provide the safest protection for your home.

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How to Protect Your Car in Winter

The northern hemisphere enters the winter to cool down significant, and in the north is often snowing. Some car accessories are fragile and must be protect it carefully. Here are some tips on how to protect your car from snow and ice?


Part 1: Tips to protect your car battery in winter

The battery is most afraid of low temperature. In the low temperature, the battery capacity is much lower than that at normal temperature. Therefore, before the cold season comes, the electrolyte of the battery should be replenished to adjust the specific gravity of the electrolyte. At the same time, clean the battery terminals and apply special grease to protect them, ensure reliable start-up and extend battery life.

If the car is parked in the open air or in the garage for several weeks, the battery should be removed and stored in a warmer room to prevent the battery from freezing.

1. Car battery maintenance

Wipe the dirt, oil, white powder, etc. that are easily caused by electric leakage on the battery head (that is, the positive and negative poles).

2. Use the battery correctly

Check whether the reading light inside the car is turned off. It is forbidden to listen to music and turn on the air conditioner for a long time under the state of the vehicle being turned off, so as to avoid over discharge of the battery.

3. How to handle a car battery outside for winter

Since there is a weak current consumption in the vehicle's circuitry during parking,leaving the vehicle for a long time will cause the battery drain off.Therefore, if you want to store the car for a long time, remove the black negative (-) terminal (cable) from the battery to prevent the battery from discharging.

Part 2: Preparing winter antifreeze for your cat

The amount of antifreeze in winter must be appropriate. It is recommended that the antifreeze be changed every two years,but the mixed antifreeze must be replaced every year. In use, it should be noted that different brands of different models of products should not be mixed. The lubrication of the car is high in winter. If the oil is used in summer, it must be replaced. The oil that has been used for a long time, black in color and poor adhesion should be replaced to ensure smooth engine start.

Additional tips on antifreeze:

After entering the winter, the weather gradually turns cold and you need to replace the antifreeze in time. Antifreeze should also be selected below the lowest temperature in the area, or it will be cracked.

If radiator hoses leaking, bulged, or cracked-replace them immediately.

How to buy the car antifreeze?

1. Car antifreeze is generally divided into 0 used in summer and -20, -35 used in winter.

2. It is necessary to purchase a car antifreeze that can withstand the lowest temperature and below your local temperature, otherwise the radiator hoses maybe cracked.

3. The best car antifreeze is made of deionized water plus various environmental protection additives, with decontamination,water flooding, antifreeze, anti-static, anti-corrosion and other functions. It can effectively remove dust, lubricating oil, gasoline and diesel, etc.

Part 3: How to use car heater system in winter

The heater system also fails after it has been out of service for a long time.Before re-use, try to check if there is any hot air, whether the fan is running or not, and whether the air duct is unobstructed.

Warm up before driving

Warm up your car before driving and ensure that the engine is running in a good state. The hot car time should not exceed 1 minute, and the best time is between 30 seconds and 1 minute. Then turn on the air conditioner.


Part 4: How to clear snow from car

Keeping the windshield clear during the winter is a basic condition for safe driving.Wipe the wiper regularly and ensure that the windshield can be wiped off in the snow. The interior can be wiped to prevent the glass from fogging. In addition,some de-icing agents can be added to the glass water. At the same time, it is important to check the relevant heating devices, such as windshield, side window air outlet, rear window electric heater, etc., so that they are in good condition.

Car snow removal and deicing skills

Going out early in the morning, I found that the car windshield was covered with a thick layer of snow.

Car snow removal tips

1. Start the vehicle hot car → wait 30-60 seconds, wait for the temperature to come up and then use the hot air blower to block the glass → blow the ice of the windshield glass and then scrape the snow and ice slag with the snow removal shovel.

2. Slowly scrape the snow with a snow brush or hard card. The strength during the scraping should be light, otherwise the windshield glass will be damaged.



Winter is the season when you need to maintain your car. You must need these protection methods to protect car in winter without garage and extend your car's life. More car electronic accessories, car protection products, car accessories that make travel more convenient and easier, wireless car charger, OBD scanner are best helper for your self-driving.

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The Best Tripod Selfie Stick for Ring Light

Photography enthusiasts may overlook the importance of a tripod when purchasing a camera. Photographing is inseparable from the help of a tripod. Of course, video shooting and the live studio also needs a selfie stick tripod with remote. How to buy the best selfie stick with tripod?


Part 1:Why use a selfie stick?

Shooting a brilliant starry sky

To take a bright star or star track, we need at least 30 seconds, or even hours of exposure, so the tripod for dslr is indispensable.

Selfie,parties, travel photos, etc.

When you go out with friends and want to take a group photo. The phase frame is shot with a remote timer on a tripod, which can help you solve the problem of taking pictures while traveling. Wide angle, high/low shooting, long distance shooting, etc.

Time-lapse shooting

Time-lapse photography requires a stable shooting platform, and any shaking will cause the subsequent video screen to shake. The selfie stick with tripod ensures a stable picture. For large delays, the tripod is even more indispensable.

In the live streaming

Obviously, a ring light allows you to bloom the most beautiful facial effects in a live studio. A variety of dimming modes, you can choose the light that best matches your skin and environment. So, you need a selfie stick for android to fix your ring light. With the assembled portable tripod for ring light, you can handle the live broadcast whenever and wherever, even if you are just a person.


Part 2:How to use selfie stick with tripod stand?

1. With the camera tripod, you can first attach the quick release plate on the tripod to the camera. The camera has a screw hole, just screw the screw plate on the quick release plate and the camera.

2. We take out the camera tripod, we need to adjust the tripod.

Unfold the stand.

The tripod is generally designed to be folded, which is smaller in size and more convenient to carry. If your tripod happens to be a tripod designed like this, you need to flip the 3 legs of the tripod to about 150°.

Place the tripod in a flat position and secure the angle. There are different angles on the tripod, and the angle is determined according to the terrain and the scenery taken.

3. After the angle is adjusted, the next step is to adjust the length of the tripod. The tripod is divided into several sections to adjust the height of the tripod. When the height is adjusted, use a tripod fixing screw to tighten it.


4. After adjusting the angle and height, the next step is to adjust the PTZ. The platform is divided into three-dimensional pan-tilt and spherical pan-tilt.The three-dimensional pan-tilt is the most commonly used. The spherical head is characterized by its portability. It has a horizontal turning knob and two ball fixing knobs, which can be adjusted according to your needs.

5. Tighten the quick release plate to the screw hole on the bottom of the camera, then fasten the plate and clamp it with the camera.

Part 3:How to choose the best tripod for photography?

The tripod is mainly divided into two parts, a part called the PTZ,which is a device specially designed to fix the camera and change the shooting direction. The other part, also called the tripod, is the part that supports the camera and the lens. How to choose the right tripod?

1. The material of the tripod

The material of the tripod is mainly divided into three types:magnesium-aluminium alloy, titanium alloy and carbon fibre. Magnesium and aluminium alloys are relatively bulky. Titanium alloys are lighter and carbon fibre tripods, very lightweight and resistant to vibration.

2. Select the height of the tripod

For landscape photography, it is best to choose a tripod with a maximum height of more than 1.5 meters, but the height of the tripod will be slightly heavier. If you are a makeup lover, you will love the desktop triangle bracket,which is small and portable, can fix the makeup ring light on the desktop, and is also suitable for you to make makeup or live streaming on the table.

3. PTZ Selection

Need to choose the right PTZ. At present, the PTZ is mainly divided into three-dimensional PTZ and spherical PTZ. The three-dimensional pan/tilt is mainly used for low-end tripods and tripods for video cameras; the spherical head is mainly used for digital SLR cameras.


4. Remote control

The camera tripod must buy accessories is the shutter release or remote control, you can control the camera at a certain distance remote, without having to stand by the camera.


Part 4:The best selfie stick for android

This mobile phone camera tripod supports Bluetooth remote control to solve the problem of taking pictures of your travels.


Product Description:

1. Mobile phone camera tripod photo frame anchor live broadcast tripod +Bluetooth.

2. Get the Perfect Angle - Adjustable legs help to capture clean shots from any angle even in the move. difficult view with common tripod. This is your best choice.

3. Stable on Any Surface - Made of very strong durable foam and plastic,the ball head and no-slip feet make positioning and straightening devices easy.

4. Universal Compatibility - Works well with smartphones, digital cameras, Go Pro and webcams up to 5.5 inches wide.

5. Ideal for taking individual, group photos & wide-angle views.

It is a combination of camera tripod and mobile phone holder. It is made of PC and ABS/silicone rubber. It has the advantages of light weight, stable and no slip.

The detachable and portable design, mini tripod and remote Bluetooth shutter button can be removed or installed as needed.

The shutter button is also a detachable Bluetooth shutter remote that is compatible with iOS 5.0 and above or Android 4.3 and above.

As long as your mobile phone has the function of Bluetooth and camera,you can remotely control up to 10 meters, so that you can easily solve the problem of selfie.

For those who love photography,the camera tripod for beginners is an essential accessory of shooting landscapes and night scenes. Many photography beginners are not very skilled at ring light tripod for film. I hope that the above can help you and share it with friends who are also photographers.

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How to Buy the Best Smart Speakers for 2020

If you want a smart device to tell you the weather, set the alarm clock, control other smart devices, then the smart speaker with display is the best choice. Smart home speakers can control other smart home products, change music playlists, and more.


While most smart speaker uses the Google Assistant, Amazon is actually the first company to introduce a smart speaker with display with built-in Alexa Assistant.

The main page of the smart speaker displays information such as the app store, phone, time, air quality,and more. The desktop scrolls through weather forecasts, news, video recommendations, and more. Click to go to the corresponding function or play page. Settings such as WIFI, on-screen display, call, privacy, and advanced options are also available in the Settings function.

How to set up a smart speaker?

Part 1: How to setup AI speakers in Application

If there is only one speaker, the speaker is connected, indicating that the speaker is added successfully, no other settings are needed.

1. If you need to add multiple speakers, please open the Huawei AI Speaker App, click the icon in the upper left corner of the page, then select Add Speaker and follow the interface prompts.

2. If the speaker can be used normally, but the mobile Application shows that the speaker is offline, and it is still not updated after 5 minutes, you need to add it again. Please click Add Speaker and follow the interface prompts.


Part 2: How to use the smart ​​speaker Bluetooth connection

First connect the speaker and mobile phone to the WLAN network.

1. Turn on the speaker Bluetooth:

Wake up the speakers. The speaker will give a voice prompt:"Bluetooth is on."

You can also open the Smart ​​Speaker Application and tap My >Bluetooth to turn on the speaker's Bluetooth.

2. Turn on the phone Bluetooth:

Open the phone settings interface, turn on Bluetooth, and view the devices that can be connected.

After the Bluetooth connection of the speaker and mobile phone is successful, the speaker will give a voice prompt: "Bluetooth is connected". At this time, the speaker can be used as a Bluetooth speaker to play the audio from your phone.

Part 3: Turnoff Bluetooth

1. Turn off the speaker Bluetooth

Open the AI Speaker App and click My>Bluetooth to turn off the speaker Bluetooth.

2. Turn off the phone Bluetooth:

Open the phone settings and turn off Bluetooth.

How to control the smart home using smart speaker with voice

1. For example, open the Huawei Smart Home App, click Sleep, Go Home,Leave Home, read any scene on the home page, and enter the scene configuration interface.

2. Click "+" on the right side of the interface to select the behaviour of the items and items that need to be controlled. Follow the prompts on the interface to complete the scene configuration.

After the scene configuration is complete, you can control the home device by voice.

How to fix the smart speaker can't be connected to network?

1. If the connection is unsuccessful, you can check if the router is working properly.

2. The above methods cannot solve, you can try to restore the factory settings:

Press and hold the [Pause] on the top of the speaker, and then press[Pause] after hearing the tone. After hearing the voice prompt, you can restore the factory default settings. The smart speaker factory recovery settings are generally in the manual.


The Best Smart Speaker with Screen Display 2020

If you're looking for a smart speaker with an on-screen display to help you control your smart home, here are 3 new smart speakers to help you get a better life in 2020.

1. Lenovo Smart Display

Lenovo Smart Display is a smart speaker with on-screen display that uses Google's Assistant. The Lenovo Smart Display has a large screen and excellent speakers, so using it to watch movies and video calls is a good choice.


2. Amazon Echo Spot

Unlike cylindrical, square smart speakers, the Echo Spot features a bold spherical design that cuts off a bevelled ball that is larger than a softball,with a 2.5-inch and 480*480 resolution screen, and high-definition. This camera has a black and white colors.


The appearance of the Echo Spot bedside alarm gives it a new application scene in addition to the living room - the room.

I believe that many users who have purchased will tend to put it on the bedside as an alarm clock. On the one hand, Echo Spot has the intelligence and convenience of Alexa voice control. On the other hand, broadcasting news,listening to music stations, and speaker functions are common needs for people before going to bed or when they wake up.

After setting the night mode, Echo Spot's screen adjusts the screen brightness at specific points of the day, so you don't have to worry about too bright screens affecting sleep.

3. Portable Cartoon Dog Smart Speaker


Mini Robot Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Bluetooth Creative Bank Receiver Music Player Stereo Speaker for easy portability and storage.


Bluetooth wireless connection.

MP3 playback function.

Mobile power function.

Efficient smart Bluetooth quick connect chip. Bluetooth effective distance up to 7 meters.



Load and transfer can be completed by connecting only one line of the computer.

Continuation for a long time: 1200MA large capacity lithium battery,standby time up to 240 hours, playing time up to 12 hours.


Under the development of voice interaction technology, smart speaker for music have become more and more popular in family life scene while providing content,entertainment and life services, and become the control centre of smart home.

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The Best Smartphone Accessories 2019

The phone is not only a call tool, but also our entertainment tool. Mobile phone accessories are also becoming more diverse. This article introduces the best accessories for your android phone.


Multi-function Data Cable

Since the emergence of the all-in-one data cable, various functions have been added to a small cable, such as a cable with OTG, which can make the mobile phone become a computer and connect and view the files in the U disk.

Many mobile phones no longer support memory card expansion, and the OTG function of the Android phone is very useful. With this small adapter, you can use the USB Type-A device on your phone to expand your storage capacity.


The USB Type-A is the most common USB plug. The traditional USB Type-A plug can only be plugged into the USB port of the PC and cannot be connected to the phone. Therefore, if an ordinary USB flash drive or USB sound card wants to connect to the mobile phone, it must support the OTG function. At the same time, an OTG adapter is needed to convert the USB Type-A to a port that mobile phone can use.

Headset with storage

A smart headset with built-in storage, built-in several G storage space, you can download your favourite songs. Even if you forget to bring your mobile phone, you can listen to songs anytime, anywhere, and record your sports data, which is very suitable for users who like to run.


2 in one mobile power

Most of the smart phones are now designed with non-removable batteries, and the stronger the performance of the mobile phone, the greater the power consumption and the shorter the battery life. The most worrying thing in outdoor is that the phone battery dies suddenly. So, a mobile charging power bank is very necessary.


The back-clip mobile power supply can perfectly combine mobile power as a mobile phone case and a mobile phone, either to charge the mobile phone or as a mobile phone case. In this way, you can hold your mobile phone and mobile power in your hand. Lightweight charging treasures allow you to carry as little luggage as possible during your trip.

Huawei panoramic camera

Huawei panoramic camera supports mobile phones with Android 6.0 or higher; and it only supports Type-C interface. After installing the "Huawei Panorama Camera" APP, the app will launch and connect to the camera.


The Huawei panoramic camera works with the mobile phone and can be inserted into the data transmission interface of the mobile phone when in use. Support for shooting photos, video shooting,one-click imaging, more support for wide-angle self-timer, friends, beautiful scenery share while traveling.

Dual 13-megapixel, high resolution lens with high image quality, clear photos and excellent details. FHD high definition video recording can be used to support 30 frames of shooting, and the record your wonderful.

Wireless charging mount

It is very inconvenient to use a mobile phone in the car, especially during driving. At this time, if there is a car holder, the phone will be fixed on the bracket. It's very convenient to use navigation and charging while driving.


Overall, this Qi Magnetic Wireless Charge Mount is excellent, when the phone is placed close to the magnetic board, the phone will be adsorbed automatically and fixed, the phone will be wirelessly charged. The most important thing is that it designed for your journey.

Where to buy cell phone accessories

Smartphones can support a wide range of accessories. The best smartphone accessories to buy introduced in this article are very practical and cheap, and these are useful for your life. If you think which accessories you like, you can buy it right away at gemwon.com. You can buy a wide range of smartphone accessories wholesale in HuaQiang North.

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How to Buy the Best Budget Action Camera 2019

Due to the rise of outdoor sports, sports bracelets, sport APPs, etc. have also become popular. The sports camera can be fixed on the bicycle and helmet. It can take photos and videos in the water and sport. How to buy sport camera full HD 1080p waterproof?


Howto Choose an Action Camera?


Even if you don't do diving, the rain will penetrate and destroy the camera. In fact, in outdoor sports,especially when riding, you still need a waterproof sports camera.


At present, many sports camera shave many well-known products, although the price will be more expensive, but the same will have a good quality.


Some sports cameras are known as 4K, and the actual effect is only 2.7K, or even only 1080P. So before purchasing, make sure the action camera resolution is 1080p. Some of the cheaper cameras even have 4K resolution.

4.Anti-shake effect

Most sports cameras take motion cameras and handheld shooting, and anti-shake is extremely important. At present, the best motion camera is 6-axis anti-shake, and it must support 4K anti-shake. In the shooting of large scenes and special sports, it is possible to make more images into the lens and capture more clearly.

5.Screen parameters

Some sports cameras use the 2" screen, but the screen is very inferior, the colour is yellowish, and the colour reproduction is poor.

6.Memory card

You need the fastest memory card and the largest capacity memory card for the best performance of your sports camera. A card that does not have a fast enough write speed can cause frame loss, which can cause jittering picture.

The camera you choose is best supported by the UHS-II standard, which enables write speeds of up to 312 MB/son most cards.

What to look for in an action camera?

The motion camera appears for sports shooting. Under the sport shooting conditions, shooting devices such as smart phones and digital cameras cannot shoot stably in many sports environments, such as in high altitude or deep-water environments.

Action cameras can solve these problems. It is a portable, compact, dust-proof, shock-proof, and waterproof camera that allows sportsman to shoot with motion cameras in extreme sports.

How to use 4k ultra HD action camera:

Here, we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to use action camera?

The following are common methods of using a sports camera.

1. Control the camera through the phone app: After downloading the mobile app, open the action camera and press the camera's wifi switch. Then open the corresponding app on your phone and connect to the camera wifi. After successfully connecting the camera to the phone, we can use the app to take photos, videos and snapshots.

2. Operate the camera: Press the power button to turn on the camera. The default shooting mode is normal photo shooting. We only need to press the shooting button to take the desired photo.If you want to switch the shooting mode, we can press the key to switch the camera to video or snapshot mode, then press the capture button to shoot.


How to use Go Pro sports camera

On the camera body, there is around "POWER / MODE (button) button, long press for two seconds, the camera is turned on. After booting, the default shooting mode is "Recording" mode. Press the red button (shutter/select button) at the top of the camera to start recording. When you finish recording, press the button again.

If you want to switch the shooting mode, we can switch modes by long pressing the power on/mode button.

There are 3 modes: video, photo,and continuous shooting.

In different modes, Go Pro also provides us with a variety of shooting options, such as time-lapse shooting, night shooting, high-speed shooting, etc. At the same time, through this button, we can also enter the camera's setting mode and make some basic settings.

Sport action camera reviews

The shape of the action camera is becoming smaller and smaller, and the performance in terms of resolution and frame rate is getting stronger. However, they are also developing other new "skills", such as communicating with external sensors or performing video editing tasks on the device. Here are a few sport action camera reviews and accessories to help sports fans choose the best action camera.

Samsung Gear 360°panoramic camera

The second generation of Gear 360 is "cute". It is basically white, the upper part of the cylindrical body is a bulbous "head", and the two camera lenses are located in the "head".


Unlike the first-generation Gear 360, the second-generation Gear 360 handle makes it much easier to hold, and you don't need a selfie stick to operate the camera.

Sony HDR-AS50 action cam

The Action Cam HDR-AS50 is still the design of the Action Cam in its overall appearance, but the body shell is black matte. Camera specifications are not equipped with 4K video recording, up to 1080P@60fps and 720P@120fps, and the sensor uses a 1/2.3-inch 11-megapixel Exmor R sensor.


As an outdoor sports camera, in terms of protection, SONY's products are the same as GoPro, and will provide an extra waterproof case. Sony said that under the standard waterproof shell support, the HDR-AS50 supports 60 meters of water, 1.5 meters of drop and 10 below zero in Celsius.

GoPro HERO 7

The product uses a 12-megapixel camera with a front and rear dual-screen design, and a rear 2-inch screen for touch and GPS support.


Weight and size, weight 116g, size 62.3*44.9*33 mm. At the same time, the voice interaction and video live broadcast function is added, and the GoPro HERO 7 Black can be operated by voice command. The mobile phone can be connected to the camera to transmit the video in real time.

Video capture, capable of shooting 4K 60fps or 2.7K 120fps video with a maximum bit rate of 78mb/s.Compared with other sports cameras that require a waterproof case, this GoPro supports underwater shooting of 10 meters without action camera waterproof case.

HD Action camera

  • HD Action camera 4K 30Fps, 16MP WIFI Camera, 1080P 60fps waterproof Cam,Helmet Bike Cam Sport Video camera
  • With a waterproof casing, allow you to film 30 meters under water scene. HD screen display for convenient videos and image playback.
  • Detachable battery for easy replacement and helps extend product lifespan. HD 12 Megapixel wide angle lens.
  • Supports Multiple video recording formats: 4K/2.7K/1080FHD/720P/ WVGA/VGA/QVGA.
  • Supports multiple photo shooting modes: Single shot & Snapper.
  • WIFI function, the user can operations or review via smart phone or computer.
  • For just $7 you can have a waterproof sports camera for beginner.


What is your favourite sports camera?These types of cameras have excellent ability to capture moving images. As anew sportsman, you may have a lot of doubts about action camera for beginners.The above is hoped to help you. You are welcome to share this article with more sports enthusiast.

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